Funny: Casanova


  • Casanova's reply upon being accused of having sex with a novice (meaning a nun):
    Casanova: Well, she was hardly a novice.
  • When said novice was confronted by the inquisitors chasing Casanova:
    Dalfonso: Eternal damnation for one night with Casanova.
    Sister Beatrice: Seems fair.
  • Casanova's attempts to maintain a civilized, sophisticated conversation with Francesca, her mother, and his future father-in-law — while his young, sex-starved fiancée is under the table.
  • Giovanni is making quite a name for himself in the local brothel, tying up (not like that) all of the prostitutes at once. In the lobby, a waiting john asks of the madam, "Um, when is my turn?"
  • Giovanni keeps slapping Casanova and throwing his glove down to challenge him to a duel. Lupo keeps picking it up and handing to Giovanni, allowing Giovanni to continue slapping Casanova. After the third time:
    Casanova: Are you two working together now?!

Russell T. Davies Miniseries

  • There's a montage of some the funniest scenes from the series on YouTube.
  • In the opening scene where Giacomo is being chased and he plans his daring escape out the window onto his horse. Only to land right on his butt and give out a disappointed "Bollocks!" before said horse to just run off leaving him behind.
    • There is also this line at the bridge:
    Giacomo: You love your wife, I love your wife. Aren't we both on the same side?
  • The look on Giacomo's face when he finds out that Bellino really was a girl is just golden. Also this line:
    Giacomo: Well now, mine doesn't do that.
  • Giacomo and Henriette communicating in sign language during the Summer Ball scene.
  • That's my purse!
  • The confession scene. All of it.
  • When Giacomo is studying to be an astrologer. Astronomer.
    Rocco: Its all bollocks that stuff.
    Giacomo: Ah, but since you were born under the sign of a ram, with you're tangent in the ascendant...I knew you were going to say that.
    Rocco: Very funny.
    Giacomo: And that.
    Rocco: You can't just-
    Giacomo: And that.
    Rocco: Don't you-
    Giacomo: And that.
    Rocco: It's not-
    Giacomo: And.
    Rocco: (beat) If you-
    Giacomo: And.
    • Pretty much every single Aside Glance he makes during that montage to the point where he becomes genuinely shocked by how much his schemes work. Every single time.
  • When Giacomo and Henriette first meet:
    Henriette: Quite the gentleman.
    Giacomo: Quite the lady.
    Henriette: Quite bored of this. Goodbye.
  • The outtakes
  • "Are you following me? People will talk."
  • Casanova and Little Casanova (Giac).
    Giacomo: Actually, most would prefer 'Big Casanova'.
  • Not to mention the little tongue flick he does right after that line. Remind you of anybody?
  • The Paris Ballroom scene:
    Woman 1: Oh you're so handsome.
    Giacomo: Yes, I am.
    Giacomo: Yes, I am.
    Giacomo: Yes, I am. And no, I wont.
    • Also, when he and Rocco are thrown out, they both exit in different directions. Only for Giacomo to realize a second later he's going the wrong way and follow Rocco. Again, sound familiar to you?
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