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Tied Together Shoelace Trip
Kids Are Cruel, even in most forms of media. However, the way to really express just how mean or crafty someone is, is to have them tie someone else's shoelaces together. Then, when the victim gets up to walk, he then falls over, because of his tied shoelaces.

This is a practical joke done lots of times throughout the years, either in Real Life or in fiction.


  • Casper ties together the shoelaces of the students who teased Kat earlier.
  • And then there's Hot Shots Part Deux:
    [Dexter is being rescued]
    Dexter: You don't understand. I can't walk... they've tied my shoelaces together.
    Topper Harley: A knot. Bastards!
  • In Fun and Fancy Free, the Jack and the Beanstalk segment features Mickey Mouse trying to do this to a sleeping Willy the Giant, but Mickey failed when the giant suddenly woke up.
  • Roquefort the mouse did this to Edgar in The Aristocats.
  • In Captain EO, Fuzzball does this to the whip-warrior's whips, causing them to crash together.
  • Dietrich in V for Vendetta incorporates it into his satire.
  • Jeremy from Slick does this to people all the time.

Live-Action TV
  • In The Two Ronnies serial "Done to Death", Piggy Malone is being held at gunpoint by the murderer, when he realises his sidekick Charley is under the table. He manages to write "Tie shoelaces together" on a card, and drops it where Charley can see it. He then manages to distract the murderer, knock the gun out of his hand, and bluffs him into making a run for it, only to find that Charley misunderstood the note, and tied Piggy's shoelaces. The murderer escapes, and they have to come up with another plan to trap him.

Newspaper Comics
  • In one gag of Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin conspires with Hobbes to perform this prank on someone else, only to fall over on his face when it's revealed Hobbes had already done precisely this to Calvin.

Web Comics

Western Animation
  • Tubby fell victim to this trope by the Westside Gang in The Little Lulu Show episode "Spook Delivery".
  • In an episode of Speed Buggy, Mark and Debbie did this to a villain who had grown to giant size.
  • Larry did this to Tuddrussel twice on the Time Squad episode "Hate and Let Hate."
  • Mr. Bogus did this to Mr. Anybody's overbearing boss near the end of the first act of the episode "A Day At The Office".
  • Paulina and Kwan team up to attempt this to an AV volunteer in Danny Phantom, however Sidney Poindexter's spirit thwarts both pranksters and carefully reties the AV kid's shoes properly before he trips.

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