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Funny: Camp Lazlo
  • From the Halloween episode, it begins to rain very hard on Lumpus' window.
    Radio: Rain is in the forecast.
    Lumpus: Be quiet!
  • From Where's Lazlo?: Slinkman wakes up to be informed that he was just mauled by a bear, and Lazlo and Edward are gone, leading to this conversation.
    Slinkman: Scoutmaster, wake up! Some campers are missing. We need to do a head count!
    Lumpus: A HEAD COUNT?!
    * pause*
    Slinkman: Sir...count the campers.
    Lumpus: Oh, yes, of course.
    • Also when Slinkman tells Lumpus that the camp was missing two more campers (Raj and Clam who went looking for Lazlo). After a pause, Lumpus immediately dashes for his house and destroys his phone so they can't call Commander Hoo-Haa.
  • Clam walking on water during a swimming test, prompting the response "Holy Mackerel" from one of the lifeguards, and in another episode, the Jellies make a boat out of bricks and cement that somehow works while everyone else's boats sink. So much for the laws of physics!
  • 5 of the Squirrel Scouts getting their feet stuck in the melted marshmallow that used to Cover Raj in the episode "Marshmallow Jones". This could also count as a Crowning Moment of Awesome due to what the Squirrel Scouts often do to the Bean Scouts.
  • In one episode, Lumpus takes the campers to a restaurant called Beef Lumberjacks.
    Waitor: Welcome to the Beef Lumberjacks.
    Lumpus: Uh yes-
    Waitor: (slams a giant slab of meat on the table) Tell me when. (begins cutting meat loudly in Lumpus's face with a chainsaw)
    Lumpus: When. When! WHEN!
  • The Eternal Flame short, where after Lazlo wins the baked eating contest, is sent to light the ceremonial torch. And he's full of gas he failed to expel in time. Explosion ensues. What sells it is Slinkman's last minute realization to his and his Big "NO!".
  • In "Camp Dinkey," Edward imagines the ideal camp as one totally devoted to him while the others toil in misery under the ever watchful eye of burly armed guards... and has also got his mom there for her to tuck him in at night. Edward asks his mom if the other campers like him, and she says of course they do. He then asks if she likes him, and her face suddenly goes blank before she looks at the threatening guards standing in the door and stammers "O-of course I do."
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