Headscratchers / Camp Lazlo

  • Why on Earth would an Indian kid be named "Raj"? That's like a Japanese family naming their kid "Little Boy". Granted, "raj" just means "reign", but still.
    • It's probably short for "Rajesh"
    • I've got an Indian friend who goes by Raj. I don't understand why it shouldn't be used as a cartoon Indian elephant child's name.
    • Yeah, and there's another show that has a person named Raj....

  • How come most of the characters only wear pants in the episode that involves the pulling down of said pants? It's a bit weird since they don't wear them normally. And are the Jelly Beans' black legs pants or just how their legs are drawn? I'm pretty sure I've seen evidence for either.
  • Just something that confuses me a bit. The way he draws characters that glare all the time, I can't tell if Edward's supposed to be wearing glasses or just has really jagged angry eyes. Anyone know if he does or not?
    • This screenshot seems to suggest though that he just has big eye brows though.
    • It's just the angry eyes protruding from the sides of the head.
  • Why did those flies steal that treasure chest? They're flies. They have no use for it.
  • In "There's No Place Like Gnome", how did all the other campers besides the Jelly Beans happen to be hanging around the inside of Pinto Cabin without Edward even noticing? I know Ed must have been a bit drowsy but he should have noticed them during the little dance sequence. Also, he seemed a bit unfazed by it.
  • How does The Reveal that Lumpus wasn't the real count master work given that Commander Hoo-Ha, who should know about who the real scoutmaster is, never questioned Lumpus' presence?
  • In "Hallobeanies", how could they be celebrating Halloween when the entire show takes place during the summer?