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Heartwarming: Camp Lazlo
  • Almost Every heartwarming moment goes for the Jelly Trio's, showing The Power of Friendship very often. The most prominent ones:
    • In "Swimming Buddy", Raj has to deal with his acrophobia in order to be a shark with his friends. He almost surrenders, but when he sees a marshmallow with a "Congratulations" message, he gains enough courage to face it. And succeeds.
    • Also, in "Marshmallow Jones", it has the near ending on the episode, when Lazlo and Clam hug a "marshmallowed" Raj, and tell him they love their "marshmallow buddy". Raj, overwhelmed with happiness, tells them he loves them too and breaks down in tears. All together now: Awww.
    • And again, in "Float Trippers", Raj has to choose between his retainer or his friends. He, of course, chooses his friends and uses The Power of Friendship to save them, and the trio does a brief Group Hug before falling.

  • Also, few moments show that Edward doesn't actually hate Lazlo and even likes him back. While Lazlo hugs him almost always, the moments when Edward smiles or returns the hug instead of angering is very heartwarming.

  • Lumpus' confession to Jane. Too bad he was in drag and her boyfriend mistook the confession. Hilarity Ensues.
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