Funny / Big Nate

Big Nate has been around for over 20 years. So, it's expected that it gets in some hilarious stuff. Examples include:

  • In one strip, Nate and Francis are binder-shopping. Francis spends the majority of the strip raving about the awesomeness of binders he finds. He then asks Nate which binder he'll take. Nate takes a binder, whacks Francis in the head, and then buys it.
  • Nate is explaining comic gags to Chad. He says that in comics, you can have the gag happen in the second-to-last panel and then have the last panel be a reaction. Cue a monkey run past them.
    Nate: Now, Where was I?
  • Prank Day, 2008 (though in general, prank Day is where Nate shos off what he can do.)
    Francis: Somebody let a flying squirrel loose in the computer room.
    Nate: Yeah, that was me.
    Teddy: A squirrel? Isn't that kind of tame for the guy who calls himself "Mr. Prank Day?"
    Nate: That was just part one. (A moose walks by.)
    Francis: O_O... I assume that was part two?
    Nate: I went with a Bullwinkle theme.
  • Francis provides this burn upon Nate's insistence of having a near-death experience:
    To have a near-death experience, don't you need to have a life?
  • Anytime Nate starts raving. Special mentions go to this guy and this gem.
  • You got a C, Teddy got a C plus, and Francis got P.T.S.D!