Awesome / Big Nate

Even though it's a comedy-based strip, Big Nate still has its awesome moments.

  • There's a series of strips in which Nate joins Marcus's posse. Eventually, Nate grows lonely and attempts to rejoin his group. When confronted by Marcus, he makes the best comeback:
    Marcus: When you joined my posse, I told you not to hang out with any losers!
    Nate: (walking away with his friends) I won't.
  • In one baseball strip, Nate gets chewed out by the coach for practicing the trombone (yes, the trombone) in the right field. Mid-rave, another team gets a run. Nate catches it, and uses the trumpet to blast it into the catcher's hand.
  • "Anything could happen", indeed.
  • Nate is cheating at Monopoly. Nothing unusual there. But Teddy and Francis finally find a solution.
  • One chess tournament opponent decides to really Trash Talk Nate. It backfires.
    Opponent: Do you want to know how I know I'm winning? Because you're so quiet! You haven't been doing any of your trademark woofing!
    Nate: (silently moves a chess piece) Checkmate.
    (Opponent stares at the board in shock)
    Nate: Woof.
  • Nate and his friends beating Jefferson's kids in an ice-sculpting contest. The latter lost when they simply covered a statue with snow, but Nate's team impressed the teachers by making a statue of Achilles and his heel.
  • Nate having the strength to break up with Trudy since their social lives (and Trudy's unwillingness to hang out with Nate's sixth-grade friends) made it impossible for Nate to enjoy his friends.