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    1: Spider-Man # 56 
  • The Big "NO!".
  • When the opening narration describes Gwen as a "Modern Venus", Linkara calls foul because she still has arms.

    2: Doom's IV # 2 
  • The "Classicard", Linkara with a bored look on his face shooting fingerbeams in random directions.
  • Linkara reading the fan letters, which cause him to go crazy, accompanied by the show's first use of "Combine Harvester."
  • When Jason describes a perfectly straightforward statement as "Technobabble", Linkara corrects him with a quick clip of Data, followed by the "The More You Know" logo.
  • This:
    Syberman: You would risk you own lives to acquire freedom?
    Linkara: Because that's just how we roll... in America. ...Or Canada, I guess, since that's where they were headed.

    3: Batman # 147 
  • Linkara's mouthed "What the fuck?!" reaction after an alien enters the story out of nowhere.
    • It's even more hilarious when you realize that this would have never happened in a more recent episode and is one of the very rare times Linkara use the F-word.
  • After a line about Batman slipping out of a leather thong to free Robin, Linkara plays the "Ambiguously Gay Duo" sound clip for the first time.

    4: The Top 15 WTF Moments in Bad Comics 
  • Bringing up how US-1's main character invented a remote control for his truck and hid it inside a silver dollar. "And next he'll teach us how to put a TV remote inside of a quarter! Or how about a gun inside of a nickel?"

    5: Titans # 1 

    6: Sinnamon # 11 
  • During the introduction, Linkara talks about independent comics. Smash Cut to Linkara loudly plugging Revolution of the Mask. Cut back to Linkara apologising, claiming the camera must have hiccuped.
  • Linkara's complaint about the spelling of Sinnamon leads to the first instance of the "Poor Literacy is Kewl" Running Gag. Hilariously, "cool" is actually spelled correctly.
  • His idea about who the villain named Heartbreaker is: "We went out on a few dates but he never calls! He never calls!!"
  • Linkara's reaction to a fish commenting "Well, there goes the neighbourhood," following a nuclear test. "What the hell, did Douglas Adams write this?" Cue a snippet from "So Long and Thanks For All the Fish".
  • Linkara's quick and justified switch from liking Terror-Dawn (after she punches out a guy for a terrible joke) to hating her (after she then comments, "Only a sick nation lets women parade about half naked!" to people on a beach)
  • Linkara's reaction to random cameos by Mulder and Scully and Boris and Natasha.
  • The appearance of a Soviet spy who seems to talk in a Southern dialect. "Because as we all know, Communism was big in the South during the Cold War."

    7: US- 1 # 1 
  • His comments on Wheeler's narration:
    Wheeler: And one of our boys grew into a man.
    Linkara: The other one grew into a woman. We're still trying to figure that one out.
  • This snippet:
    Wheeler: All speed and power wrapped in tons of steel ridin' underneath ya.
    Linkara: Dear lord, it sounds like he's talking about an adult toy.
    Wheeler: Just thinking about it gives me a chill.
    Linkara: Yeah, thinking of you and such an object certainly gives me chills.
  • Sarcastically using the cliffhanger sting from Star Trek: The Next Generation when Ulysses is in surgery.
  • He starts repeating his joke about hiding a gun inside of a nickel before catching himself.

    8: S.C.I. Spy # 1 
  • Linkara's reaction to Lazlo's freakishly cobbled-together kinda-female associate:
    Linkara: Oh God those eyes... those lips... They're staring into my soul! GET IT AWAY FROM ME!
  • "Sugar cubes… IN SPAAAAAAAACE!"
    • "Butter… IN SPAAAAAAAACE!"
  • "Feeder breeder bugs. I dare you to say that out loud and not giggle."
    • "These bugs are known as feeders. They are the feeder breeders. They eat their weight in liters. They even are world eaters. They measure things in meters. But hey, they ain't mosquiters."

    9: Superman at Earth's End 
  • Linkara's classic "I AM A MAN!!!" *punch*. It wins any argument! Even if you're a woman!
  • Comic: "You! Hitler!" Linkara: "And you! Other Hitler!"
  • "Hey, Steve! Wanna clone Hitler?"
    • "Nah. Hey, I know! Why don't we make two of him!"
  • Linkara's reaction to Superman using a gun.
    • Also, his reaction to the gun itself.
  • Linkara's wonderment as to how they managed to make Superman fighting twin clones of Hitler boring.
  • "Why does everyone speak like a 1920s gangster in the future?!"
    "I'm Supaman, I fight for trooth, justice, and da American way, ya mook!"