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Funny: A League of Their Own
  • Jimmy: "Did anyone ever tell you, you look like a penis with a little hat on?"
  • "Nice piece of coaching, Jimmy! I especially liked that move in the 5th inning, where you scratched your balls for an hour."
  • The Running Gags about Marla's appearance. It seems a bit cruel, but her happy ending with Nelson makes up for it.
  • Jimmy's prayer, including thanking God for a woman he had sex with. "You know who she was, she kept shouting your name."
  • Jimmy autographing a little kid's baseball. "Avoid the clap. Jimmy Dugan."
  • Jimmy and Dottie going back and forth giving Marla batting signals.
  • Jimmy has a lot of these. "YOU ZIP IT DORIS!"
  • "You're gonna lo-ose! You're gonna lo-ose!"
    • Followed by Jimmy nailing Stilwell in the face with a glove, and showing nothing but joy about it.
  • Mae teaching Shirley to read—by giving her an erotic novel.
  • At the end of the Creative Closing Credits, a mix of Credits Montage and footage of a "Legends Game" with the old players, an old player argues a called strike with the umpire.
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