Funny / Legally Blonde

The Film

  • This delightful quote from Elle:
    "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! Happy people don't shoot their husbands. (pause) They just don't."
  • "Don't stomp your little last season Prada shoes at me, honey," and the scene that follows.
  • Callahan's bemused, "Do you think she just woke up one morning and said 'I think I'll go to law school today'?" After Elle gives him her resume on pink, scented paper.
    • Emmett also remarks that the paper smells quite good.
  • Elle ends up standing in line in front of Emmett in a computer store while she's wearing a bunny suit.
    Elle: Don't ask.
    Emmett: Wasn't gonna.
  • The Running Gag in the sequel of people assuming Elle's an intern. They tell her where intern orientation is. When she sits down at congress, there's this amusing exchange.
    Congresswoman: Intern orientation is in room—
    Elle: 216. So I've heard.
    • And when everyone's trying to get Elle's bill passed, the montage shows Margot and Serena outside Room 216 - wondering why everyone keeps telling them to go there.

The Musical

  • The whole "Gay or European" sequence. Turns out he's gay and European!
    • "Gay! Gay! Gay-gay-gay-gay—" (Nikos kisses a girl's hand) "DAMMIT!"
    • After Elle shows the "Bend and Snap":
    Elle: Did you see it?
    Warner: (enthusiastically) No, maybe you should do it again!
    Enid: Please!
    • While everyone's arguing, the Judge says this about Nikos:
    Judge: But if he turns out straight, I'm free at eight on Saturday!
  • Several parts of "Ireland" and its reprise:
    Paulette: The Irish fear nothing and no one!
    They keep fighting till EVERYONE'S DEAD!
    I'm not sure where this metaphor's goin'.
    I just felt like it had to be said!
  • The first scene with Kyle. "I've got a package". The amazingly funky soundtrack helps as well.
    • It's actually an Easter Egg on the OBC soundtrack.
    • "The new UPS guy is walking porn!"
  • "So Much Better." "It's so-oh-oh-oh-OH! much better than before!"
  • "Guys, how is this helping me? He's not even here! He left while we were 'shaking junk'!"
  • "Bend and Snap" in its entirety, but before it, we can see all of Paulette's interactions with the Greek Chorus. This one is the best:
    Serena: You know why cheerleaders always get the guy and keep the guy?
    Paulette: Because you jump around and show your panties?
    Serena: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes.
    • Then there's Paulette's reaction to seeing them...
    Paulette: I see... dead people!
    Elle: Oh, that's just my Greek Chorus! I'm so happy you can see them!
    Paulette: But I haven't had any Jager!
  • After Elle "double Delta Nu sister swears" to not reveal Brooke's secret liposuction...
    Vivienne: Elle, this isn't some little sorority thing!
    Elle: Oh, I know, it's a BIG sorority thing!
  • All of The Harvard Variations, between Smug Snake Aaron rambling about how great he thinks he is, Sandeep's incredibly intricate backstory, Enid not allowing anyone to get a word in edgewise and topped off with the last line:
  • During the court case, Elle states that she would like to go to the bathroom, meaning the actual bathroom that Brooke's step-daughter was apparently having a shower in. The judge assumes she means that she needs to use the toilet. When Elle tries to clarify...
    Elle: Your Honor! I would like to go to the bathroom.
    Judge: ...shouldn't you have gone before the murder trial?
    Elle: Oh no, I mean I would like us all to go to the bathroom, together.
    Warner: Why do girls always DO that!?