Fridge / Uncharted

Fridge Brilliance
  • This troper didn't like the sudden appearance of the mutants in Uncharted: Drakes Fortune at first. Especially, after fighting a few and finding no place to hide. Until it finally hit me: They make taking cover useless. Meaning that the mechanic that you have been accustomed on for the whole game is no more. Rather than being an Unexpected Genre Change, it DOES make them much more menacing. This is much more apparent when you have to battle both the mutants and the mercenary soldiers at once, forcing you to alternate between tactics. - Psyclone
    • This happens again in Among Thieves. You spend a few levels platforming around cyclopean ruins that no mere mortal could have built. You chalk this up to video game logic even though it should be obvious that it would require nigh-unbreakable supermen to build such devices by hand. Guess what Shambhala is populated by.
  • In Uncharted 2, Nate can interact with various kids in the remote Tibetan village. He comes across a mother and son who are at odds with one another, and he advises the boy that he should respect his mother because she does a lot for him. Seems to be just another remark, but you find out in the third game that his own mother committed suicide when he was young.
    • Which could dive into Tear Jerker when you realize that he's doing this because he wishes he could be with his mother again. That kid has NO idea how lucky he is to have a mom...
  • In the comic book, Nate asks Chloe about her past, and she claims at first to have been a bored housewife in the midwest, and then, when Nate calls her out on her BS, tells him she's from The Future. Again Nate doesn't believe her, but Chloe is from Australia, which is over the date line from the US and in time zones further ahead of most locations named in series.
  • Talbot's loyalty to Marlowe and his utter devastation and reaction to her death, seems to be incredibly strong, with little to no explanation as to why present within the story. However Word of God establishes Talbot as being an Evil Counterpart to Nate. And Nate's reaction to Sully's hallucinated death, was to chase down those responsible in absolute rage. Meaning Talbot's attempt at Revenge Before Reason at the end of the game was for the exact same reason as Drake's own response to Sully. Marlowe is his Parental Substitute.
  • In a conversation at the end of Uncharted 2, Nate tells Elena that he has a terrible fear of clowns. Guess who the enemies are on 'Crushing' difficulty co-op missions.
  • A lot of people complained about how Nate's dehydration magically fixed itself in 3, but the game itself gave a clue as to what happened. When Nate first stumbles upon Marlowe's henchmen in the abandoned city, one of them is conspicuously drinking from a canteen. After killing them, then, Nate simply policed all the canteens, which the game left out because it would be boring to watch.
  • Watch the beginning of Uncharted 3 very closely, and you'll notice Cutter actively trying to avoid hurting Sully, and even helps him a few times. Although the opposite could be said when it comes to Nate, Cutter clearly loves getting to headbutt him.
    • When Sully is being held by another Mook, Cutter makes sure to throw Nate into said mook so he's let free. Cutter then lightly pushes Sully down into a chair, out of the way, before going back to the fight. Cutter also is the one to pull Sully down from the Giant Mook's back.
    • Then later in the alleyway, Cutter even calls off one of the mooks who was about to kick a fallen Sully some more, mentioning that 'He's had enough'.

Fridge Horror

  • The ending of Uncharted 1 only had Nate defeat the villain. The mutants on that island still pose a threat to people that might want to explore that area in the future. Hopefully no one will ever think to venture there and if so the mutants will have died out with El Dorado buried in the depths of the sea.
  • The mutants in Uncharted 1 are created by the virus inside El Dorado. The REAL question is, where did it come from?. Or more pressingly, exactly what is the corpse inside the statue? Its not just another mutant, it looks nothing like them.