Awesome / Uncharted

  • A Real Life example - In 2010, the UK's Official PlayStation Magazine held a poll for the readers to vote for the best PlayStation game across all three home consoles since 1995 - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was at the top of the list, with Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII at numbers two & three respectively. Think about that.
  • Another Real Life one - When one thinks of Uncharted, they most likely think "The best Indiana Jones game ever." This in mind, how does Sony advertise Uncharted 3? Harrison Goddamn Ford.
    • That's right folks, it's Indy-approved!!

Drake's Fortune:

  • The final battle with Nate against Navarro and his mercenaries, which culminates in Nate rescuing Elena, then pushing the helicopter off the tanker with the chain snagging Navarro and dragging him to his death.

Among Thieves:

  • Elena shows just where she spent the EXP she earned in Drake's Fortune and punches Flynn in the face even though he's pointing a gun at her face and her cameraman was just killed.
  • And another one for Elena towards the end of the game, where she stands her ground against the Big Bad who is not only about two heads taller than her, but also happens to be pointing his gun in Nate's face at the time. Nate has to actually talk her down.
    • The standoff itself is enough on its own, but then she charges Lazarević with an unflinching "BACK OFF!". She may be small, but she certainly packs a punch.
  • Nathan is fighting some sort of Yeti creature and can't win. What does Tenzin do? He jumps on the Yeti's back and stabs it to death with his knife several times.
  • Nate's battle with Lazarevic, definetly. Lazarevic has drank the sap of the Tree of Life, making him virtually invincible. Does Nate run away in fear? No. He kicks his ass.
  • The Traintop Battle. As hard as it is, holy CRAP the traintop battle.
  • From the developers — the point at which you realize that the opening scene takes place in the middle of the game, rather than towards the end.

Drake's Deception:

  • Chapters 2 and 3 where you play as Nate as a child. From tailing Sully in a crowded marketplace to an awesome rooftop chase set to a fitting, pulsating tune, it's a fantastic change of pace that also fills in the blanks on the relationship that is arguably the heart of the series.
  • Drake and Charlie are stuck ducking behind cover from a small army's worth of snipers and other bad guys. Enter Sully with a rocket launcher to clear out a good portion himself.
  • Rescuing Sully. It has to be played just to see how amazing it is. Even if he was never captured in the first place.
  • Nate's been drugged and captured. He's fought his way through a ship graveyard infested with pirates all on his own. He's washed up ashore, exhausted and injured. His first thought? Go rescue Sully. It's Elena who makes him lie down and rest. Made even more awesome by the fact Elena was ready to do the same thing if Nate hadn't shown up.
  • The entire plane level is pretty cool, but the most awesome part has to be as it's falling apart, and Nate gets sucked out...but survives by grabbing hold of a cargo crate and releasing the parachute, all while in mid-air! Seriously, only Nate could think fast enough in that situation to figure out how to survive.
  • From a narrative and artistic standpoint, the entire sequence of Nate getting lost and slowly dying in the Rub' al Khali desert.
  • Remember how Goddamn amazing the finale of the second game was? This finale tops it, looking like something from The Mummy Trilogy at times.
    Sully: Three bullets?! How the hell did you do all this with THREE GODDAMN BULLETS!?
  • Feel disappointed you didn't get to fight Eddy Raja or Harry Flynn? Don't worry — you get to fight Eddy, Harry, and Lazarevic all at once in the final co-op adventure mission!
  • Cutter evening out a four-on-four Mexican Standoff by pretending to still be under the influence of the hypnotic drug and then mowing down three of the guys when they let their guard down.

A Thief's End:

  • The E3 2015 demo. Nate and Sully go from a shootout to a car chase through a Madagascan town in a setpiece that's up there with anything from Among Thieves.

Golden Abyss:

  • Nate's fight with Guerro, depending on how well you respond to the motion prompts, you get to watch Nate kick his ass almost effortlessly, and then at the end he throws Guerro onto a bridge, which collapses, sending him to his death.