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Fridge / The Dresden Fillies

  • Not sure what it is, but Lash was already a passenger in Harry's mind when he was hit by the Elements of Harmony. This could be psychicscubadiver's explanations of why she didn't seem quite so Evil as she was described to be, or it could completely invalidate parts of books 7 & 8 in Dresden Fillies continuity.
    • Was she? False Masks takes place after Blood Rites, but Strange Friends is a bit more iffy. He's traveling though the Nevernever, so it takes place after Summer Knight. But could still have been before Death Masks
    • The prologue establishes that Harry was on the way to Edinburgh to report on his duel with Ortega. So definitely post Death Masks
      • And then there's this quote: "A low, feminine chuckle from nowhere echoed in response. It somehow combined smug satisfaction with an ‘I told you so’ quality. But I had no time to investigate. Twilight’s life hung in the balance." After Harry mentally cages the Nightmare, is a pretty likely a reference to Lash
  • Fridge Brilliance: Celestia burning out a lot of power in this story would be a pretty good explanation for why she couldn't handle Chrysalis in the end of season 2 despite being a Physical God in this story.
  • Fridge Horror: In chapter 14 of False Masks, it's offhandedly mentioned that King Sombra (referred to as the last king of the Crystal Empire) went insane after trying and ultimately failing to duplicate the powers possessed by Obsidian the Undying. Let that sink in for a second. At the beginning of season three of the show, we actually saw some of the horrific dark magic that Sombra was capable of. If all of that was just a failed imitation of the real thing, then it means that as dangerous as Sombra was, Obsidian was much, MUCH worse. Chapter 24 gives another taste as to how bad the real Obsidian was, since he was able to give Michael, Sanya, Morgan, and the Gatekeeper the fight of their lives.
  • Fridge Logic: Harry was purposely avoiding Michael during the periods the stories are set. So why did Harry call him for a ride to where he needs to be?
    • I'm not one hundred percent sure here, but I don't think Harry started totally avoiding Michael until after Dead Beat, when he became aware of Lasciel's shadow inside his head. Before that he was reluctant to speak with Michael, but I think that's when Harry really started avoiding him.
  • Is there such a thing as "Fridge Hilarious"? Because in the next sequel... Mouse is going to be about the same size and MLP Pony.
  • Is there a such thing as accidental Ascended Fridge Horror? Because in Strange Friends, Harry makes a throw-away comment about Twilight's tree house being burned down. At the end of Season 4? Cue TIREK. BOOM!!