Fridge / Slightly Damned

Fridge Brilliance
  • Eve gives Rhea a 'special' kiss when she leaves since Rhea's the one who rescued her from the shopkeep. D'aww.
  • Iratu's insistence on "training" at the beginning of the comic could just be seen as a drunken romp. But why would he even think to do something like that, drunk or not? It's because the ascension to Medius requires certain standards of ability. The concept of training happens to Iratu while drunk because that's probably what he's been doing as of late, because he's a general in the ranks of hell and he knows he's going to Medius soon! The talk of training while drunk is just him letting it slip.
  • Some ominous dialogue from Sahne implies that ascending into Medius from Hell requires a mortal in some way (but apparently in such a way that the mortal can survive and ascend as well. Iratu made it to Medius, and he's allied with Mr. Moonshade, who's certainly evil enough to have been in Hell and thus have been available. Maybe Moonshade is the mortal that Iratu used to get into Medius?
  • Iratu is larger and stronger than other earth demons thanks to Darius's moon pendant and according to this comic Hell's Army works on Klingon Promotion which makes perfect sense for how he is a General at only 27.
  • Tsavo's criticism of hell's "boot camp" education method makes since after reading this since that kind of system is quite likely to encourage poor treatment of those "weaker" than you.

Fridge Horror
  • Slightly Damned: Who could have Holy Arrows in the depths of Hell? Later revelations have shown that some angels have allied themselves with the forces of Hell. It's possible that the person who shot the arrow was one such angel. Though that only makes for more horror in itself...
  • In an early strip, Iratu offers Buwaro some of his alcohol, but Death stops him. Later, Sakido mentions that fire demons explode if they drink. At first, this just seems like a bit of Alcohol-Induced Idiocy on Iratu's part (since he was drunk at the time), but after you learn a bit more about their past, you start to wonder if it was really unintentional...
  • In a later strip the Mixlings are revealed, which are cross-breeds between two Median races. Think about it... Then you realize angels and demons are also being added into the mix... There's also the fact that they have their own name for the many sub-species, along with the slang term "Bitza," suggesting Mixlings are actually a very common occurrence.
  • Does Darius actually know that Sakido is dead? He remarks that all of his children are "gone" from Hell when he's revealed to be Death, but that could also imply that he thinks Sakido made it to Medius instead. Just imagine thinking one of your kids is in a better place when in reality they've been deader than dead for a while now. Let's hope the truth isn't too hard for him to take if/when he finds out...
  • Kinako crying here makes even more sense after you read this page, she knows what's coming.