Trivia / Slightly Damned

  • Fan Nickname: Before Denevol's name was revealed in the comic, forum members tended to refer to him as "Chuck".
    • Chu said when his name was revealed they could continue to call him things like "Chuck Denevol" or "Chuckie D", though his actual first name is still officially unknown.
    • And when Moonshade showed up we got "Mr. Christmas".
    • Dariuth is one that the author herself started using when referring to Darius and Blue posing as Death.
    • Patch eventually became the official name for the wind demon shown on a commissioned height chart of elemental demons and angels, who eventually came to help Azurai in his capture of Kieri.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: The demons Triska, Haury, and Abyset (first seen on page 634) were designed by high-tier donators to the Slightly Damned plushies Kickstarter.
  • Schedule Slip: Inverted. Beginning the third year, Chu would frequently post comics more than once a week, especially when she was telling a story. Eventually Chu broke down and increased updates officially to twice a week.
    • Unfortunately, it ended up being played straight beginning in 2013, as Chu started serious college work.