Headscratchers / Slightly Damned

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    Rhea's Destination 

  • On the second page, Death explains that Rhea's destination is unknown, and that he has to figure it out manually. However, on the fourth page they already have an appointment (with Buwaro) in the Ring of the Slightly Damned that they are in danger of being late for. Note that vanishingly few souls go there, so Death couldn't possibly have just guessed.
    • Death dropped in to see Buwaro in hell every other day while they were down there. He was probably doing that well before Rhea showed up.

    Demonic Language 

  • Angels have their own language, which is a plot point several times in the form of a language barrier. So why do demons all speak Lingo like Medians, instead of speaking Black Speech?
    • Its to be assumed that Demons have more interaction with Medians than Angels do, as the demons have the role of torturing the sinful ones, while the Angels have no obligation to interact with Medians at all.
    • It has been stated as Word of God that Demons were too chaotic to make their own language, so they simply stole it from the Medians.
    • Then how did they communicate before there was a Medius?
    • The good old-fashioned biting, scratching, and magic to the face?

    Stomping on Rhea's tail 

  • Why does Buwaro stomp on Rheas tail? He seems actually evil for a second, then turns back to a lovable moron. What happened?
    • He was just trying to immitate the other demons, after he got friendly with her, he probably just forgot that he's suppose to torture Rhea as an advisor.

    Clothing in Hell 

  • Where does it come from? It's been confirmed that Sakido, Iratu, and Buwaro all changed their typical ensembles at least once, and this could be attributed as Darius getting new clothes for them, but where would one even get it from? And what about other demons, like Azurai? Is there some kind of Hell Spawn clothing store that we haven't seen yet?
    • It's possible that most of it comes from tortured Medians, or at least fabric obtained from tortured Medians, which makes sense, since they will always be reincarnated on the next day to be tortured once more.

  • How the hell did Azurai qualify for the Ascension? He's an insubordinate loose cannon, constantly undermining his comrades' efforts with his utter lack of restraint for his temper and bloodlust. He has yet to demonstrate any redeeming qualities or useful skills to justify his position; sure, he seems to be rather proficient at murdering people, but all of his victims so far have appeared to be average, unarmed and relatively harmless Medians, and slaughtering helpless people isn't exactly an uncommon skill among Demons. And he doesn't stick to slaughtering only Medians, as his assignment to the senile old man in his first appearance in Hell was implied to be a punishment for casually murdering a Demon classmate. Even assuming that murder isn't that big a deal in Demon society, it's still not exactly the most productive behavior if you're trying to work together to accomplish some goal, especially a covert mission like the one Iratu and co. seem to be on. Sending someone like Azurai is a pretty baffling choice.
    • It's probably too soon to judge just how important their initiative is since we really have no freaking idea what the heck Iratu and his cohorts are trying to do, but maybe Iratu put in a good word for Azurai back in hell, because he specifically wanted him to come along, for whatever reason. I can agree with you in that I have absolutely no idea why anyone would want Azurai to help them with any sort of important mission, other than his delightfully disturbing talent for making people cease living, but I suppose that will be revealed in time. Or heck, maybe Chu just wanted to bring him back into the story. Who knows?
      • Turns out Iratu and Azurai are in a relationship.

     Kieri leaving the group 

  • Kieri's reason for breaking up with Buwaro and leaving the group seems a little bit stupid. She left the group because Rhea and Buwaro can't fight... except that she should stay with them BECAUSE they can't fight. Medians are less likely to attack demons if they're paired with an angel, especially after what happened in Riverside and Saint Curtis, which is compounded with Lazuli not only being alive but also actively hunting the group. Not only will Kieri be easier to kill when she's all by herself but by leaving Rhea and Buwaro behind she's effectively handing them over to Lazuli as well. Oh, yeah, Iratu and co. will also be hunting her because they know an angel got away. Safety in numbers, guys.
    • She just watched her brother possibly die after discovering he was a ranting, genocidal racist. She just saw a Seraph, who in Angel society are basically celebrities, turn out to have willingly sided with the Ascension conspiracy. Add to that the obvious mental trauma she suffered due to her mother's psychotic attempts to "mold" her into an unfeeling soldier, she's clearly not in her right state of mind, and it shows.
    • Someone on the wiki seems to think it was an attempt at Break His Heart to Save Him so Buwaro wouldn't have to go against his own brother, to bad they had to turn the tables on her or all be killed themselves.

    Sakido's blue lightning 

  • This is something that has been perplexing me for a bit, why is Sakido's lightning blue but everyone else we've seen use wind magic was colored green? At first I though it was linked to eye color as she has blue eyes but by that logic Tsavo's lightning would be white and Haury's would be red.
    • Maybe it had something to do with her angelic pendant?

    Relationship between Rynn, Moku, and Rhea 
Okay so points of order. We already know that Moku is dead by Moonshade's hands. And that both Moonshade and Rhea are Moku's descendants, Rhea from Moonshade himself.

What seems to have not yet been explained is how Rynn relates to all of this. And he/she does. After all, Rynn is the first guardian mentioned, during one of Rhea's nightmares about her death. Then more recently, while she was unconscious Rhea was told to "seek the egg." One which earlier was called Mokurynn's egg.