Fridge: Pitch Perfect

Fridge Brilliance
  • I've always been interested in a seemingly throw-away line from Fat Amy, "Plus, I was really tired of all my boyfriends and I needed to get away from that." During the little mini-montage when we see all the Bellas getting the texts about going to the finals, Amy is lounging in a pool with some VERY attractive men, so that line never made sense to me. Then suddenly I realized, Fat Amy is rich! Loaded, probably! Think about it. She's from Tasmania, but is going to a seemingly prestigious American college, and seems to dislike the boys she's dated, despite being lovely and interesting. If she was rich, she would be tired of spending time with men who only wanted her for her money. It would also explain the inexplicably nice pool, and even why she goes by Amy instead of Patricia. She, by joining the Bellas, was trying to seperate herself from her rich persona by immersing herself in a talent that was entirely her own.
  • Beca dismisses film endings as predictable, specifically the reveal that Darth Vader is Luke's father in Empire Strikes Back on the grounds that "Vader" means father in German - but it doesn't. This shows us a certain amount of know-it-all-ism found in many college students.
    • It's Dutch for father, though, and she may genuinely have got the, mixed up. To be fair, it's better than a lot of college kids who don't know any foreign languages.
    • In any case, the character of Darth Vader predated the idea of Vader being Luke's father when Star Wars was originally conceived, so at best she is Right for the Wrong Reasons.
  • Cynthia Rose is the one who starts singing S&M in the Riff-off, and the actress Ester Dean actually wrote it.
  • 'Bellas' means 'pretty girls' in Italian, so there is some justification as to why the traditionalists believe they should be so.
  • There is a real ICCA-winning A Cappella group called the BU Treblemakers, from Boston University, who released "Don't You Forget About Me" on their fifth album, in 2009.
  • The reason Thumper hits on Fat Amy? He knows about the "no Trebles" rule and is trying to sabotage them.

Fridge Logic
  • Is Fat Amy really the best choice to drive the bus? She is, after all, the ONLY member of the team who (as the resident Awesome Aussie) would have learned to drive on the other side of the road. (Kinda surprised they missed this opportunity for comedy, really.)
  • Chloe really was disorganised at the start of the film, like Alice says.

Fridge Horror