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In the sequel, Bumper and Fat Amy will hook up.
There was some hinted chemistry in the movie that never really went anywhere that could be made up for in the sequel.
  • Likely, considering that it was all but outright stated that they were, in fact, having sex:
Aubrey: ...Fat Amy, why do you have Bumper's number?

Also in the sequel, the Bellas and Treblemakers will have to team up for some reason.
Perhaps for a competition or deciding to end their rivalry.

Bumper is not really gonna be a back-up dancer for John Mayer.
It was something set up by Benji so that he could get rid of him and join the Trebles.

Beca and Chloe will at least kiss in the sequel
The writers will at least acknowledge the Fan-Preferred Couple even if they don't end up together

The part of John, the commentator, was written for Fred Willard, but they couldn't get him
Really, compare this performance with Willard in Best in Show, and you'll see what I mean.

The sequel will have...
  • ...Bumper as the main antagonist. He is back after being kicked from John Mayer's team, then returning to the university, but the Treblemakers doesn't accepts him back so he creates another team, with some rejected people from the 2013 auditions and Justin, which is surprisingly better than both Treblemakers and the Bellas.
  • ...Kori and Mary Elise back to the Bellas.
  • ...Aubrey being Unicycle's girlfriend, since the original movie was going to feature it, but it was deleted.
  • ...A bigger focus on the minor characters, espically the Treblemakers team (aside from Benji and Jesse) and some of the Bellas, like Denise, Jessica and Ashley.
  • ...The Treblemakers and the Bellas teaming up or turning into one team.
  • ...More relationships, like Lily with Donald, Staci with Cynthia Rose (or with Chloe).
  • ...The Footnotes returning to the Acapella tournament.
  • ...Lily will do something crazy and shock all her friends
  • ...John and Gail will get in on the acapella action

Hailee Steinfeld plays Beca's younger sister
  • With Katey Segal playing their mom.

As the sequel is set in a global acapella competition...
... the inevitable Threequel will up the stakes and be set in a galactic acapella competition. The Bellas will be abducted from Earth (including Chloe and Aubrey, for a fun cast reunion) and brought before the Galactic Council to represent humanity in a musical competition. Come on, sequels always up the stakes!
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