Awesome: Pitch Perfect

  • Pretty much any song in the movie, but especially the finals for both the Treble Makers and the Bellas.
  • The entire Riff-Off is amazing, but the capper is Beca getting everyone except the Treble Makers including all the onlookers, to sing along to Blackstreet's "No Diggity".
    • Both awesome and funny? Lilly not singing at all, but cocking and shooting a "air" shotgun at the Treble Makers. (Especially when you take into account the truly disturbing things she mumbles.)
  • Gail calling out her fellow announcer John for being a misogynist at the end of the movie.
  • During the Bellas' Regionals Performance, Aubrey gets to the part of her solo where she threw up on the judges the year before. She manages to hold it in, sings her part, and as she walks back to rejoin the Bellas, giving a little triumphant look back at the audience.
  • After Bumper bails on the Treblemakers, they're left without an inkling of what, exactly, to do. Jesse, the new guy, immediately takes charge, forcing them to accept Benji into the group, and ends up leading the team to the Finals with a very good performance.
    • Beca also ends up leading the Bellas on her end. Due to her, they win Nationals, and God damn if it ain't an awesome musical piece that she composes.
  • Stacie gets one during the Riff-Off for holding her own against the Treblemakers by herself, with only minor backing from Fat Amy and Cynthia-Rose.
  • Any time Donald of the Treblemakers starts rapping.