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Fridge: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Fridge Logic

  • Wow, nice dance number there, but if it took place in a massive auditorium behind the club's stage, and there was no way to televise it back in 1935, who in the club was even able to watch the performance?
    • It might be Willie's Imagine Spot.
    • Or just a joke (at the fourth wall's expense) about how they used to shoot extra material (or use recycled material from earlier films) and splice it into movies to make them longer. The obvious break and different quality in video would play into that sort of meta-humor. Remember that these films are send-ups of old pulp serials.
    • Or a more mundane explanation, there's a movie screen in there and they basically cut to a much bigger pre-filmed dance number that was being projected on the screen.
      • In colour in 1935?

Fridge Brilliance

  • It took me a while to realize that the reason Indy didn't have his gun when he tried to shoot those two Mooks near the end was because Willie threw his gun out of the car at the beginning of the film.
    • Temple of Doom is also a prequel to Raiders Of The Lost Ark, which means that Indy being confronted by TWO swordsmen takes place before the famous incident in the marketplace. Indy's gun could've come in handy several points through Temple, and thus it's his first choice in Raiders when a sword-bearing enemy comes across him.
    • It's also why he appears to carry two guns in Raiders.

  • Another is ripping out a beating heart. It's all about perspective. When we see it done the first time, it's from the followers' viewpoint, who believe the victim's heart is being ripped out. When we see it tried again, it's from Willie and Indy's perspective, who realise the whole thing is a sham, and don't fall for the trick.

  • When the Title of the film appears, Willie is blocking it with her grandiose pose. This tells you pretty much everything you need to know about how she will contribute during the film.

  • The Artistic License regarding Kali worship makes more sense when you consider that Mola Ram is blaspheming Hinduism in universe.

Fridge Horror

  • This movie chronologically takes place before Raiders of the Lost Ark. Where happened to Short Round, Indy's KID sidekick, in between the two adventures?
    • Word of God is that he went to boarding school and became an archaeologist.
  • You have to wonder how many of the other Thugee cultists were just innocent guys being mind controlled like Indy was.
    • Doubly so when you consider that the shooting script and the novelization showed Mola Ram himself snapping out of brainwashing just before falling to his death.

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