Heartwarming / Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

  • The triumphant finale wherein hundreds of happy children reunite with their parents to the Heroically Uplifting tune of "The Raider's March".
    • What sells it is that the last time Indy was in the village, it was dull and lifeless with no color at all. When the kids and Indy come back, the entire village is alive and bright with colors.
    Elder: We knew you had succeeded, when life returned to our village.
    • Willie making the identical gesture of respect to the elder that Indy made earlier in the film, showing that she's matured—her behavior is a complete 180 from how she acted when they first came.
  • Short Round and Indy, Young Warrior and Old Warrior, exchange hats in apology as Father and Son, then embrace.
    Short Round: Indy, my friend.
    Indy: I'm sorry, kid.
  • When Shorty gets caught by the Thuggees rather than scream for help the first thing he does is shout to Willie to run for it. Gotta admire the kid valuing her life over his. This might be especially true when you consider that Short Round doesn't really like Willie, considering her more an annoyance than anything else.
    • And it goes both ways - Willie refuses to step onto the rope bridge, but when Shorty falls through the planks she runs out to pull him back. This is the same Willie who earlier nearly let both him and Indy be squashed because she didn't want bugs on her hand.
  • As Indy knocks out the various guards, we get numerous shots of him, Willie, and Short Round grabbing their keys and unlocking the children, all of them smiling at the sheer exuberance they have at finally being free.