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Nightmare Fuel: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
  • Ripping people's hearts out, enslaving children, crocodiles and chilled monkey brains feature, although the most terrifying thing of all is that they brainwashed Indiana freakin' Jones. It's not easy to see your hero attempt to kill his love interest. It takes heavy pain to snap him out of it, luckily.
  • The spike room trap, which could only be deactivated by a lever that was covered with bugs.
  • The poor sacrifice victim's screaming as his body is consumed by fire crosscut with Mola Ram laughing maniacally holding the guy's heart as it bursts into flames at the same time. Then we see his torched body dissipate in the lava.
  • When one of the slave drivers Indy is fighting gets his cape caught in a rock crusher and then gets dragged, feet-first, into it slowly screaming in panic. Indy even tries to save him, but to no avail.
    • Then the film cuts to above the crusher and we see a smear of blood on it. At this point, no one could blame Willie for looking away.
  • The Mooks who fell down into the canyon at the end of the movie, only to be devoured by crocodiles.
    • Even worse, Mola Ram pushed several of them off the bridge to this fate.
  • Right after Indiana got the Shankara stones from the giant skull, he hears the children screaming from getting whipped. And each screams seems to get distorted into a monstrous roar. After the second scream he looks at what appears to be human skin tied up above the wall. Then after the third scream (which is much deeper), he looks at the giant statue of Kali, which looks like is staring at Indy.
    Willie: (to Short Round) Where's he going?
  • A villain like Mola Ram should come off as almost Narmy, but the way he acts and fits right into the nightmarish setting of the Thugee temple just makes him terrifying. Ram isnt a twisted bastard hiding beneath a veil of civility like the main villains of the first and third films, he is an out and out monster.
    Mola Ram: They (the Shankara Stones) will be found. YOU WON'T! GE-NA!!!note 
  • The Thuggee assassin hiding among the murals in Indiana's room, who then steps out of the shadows and starts to choke him.
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