Fridge: Digimon Adventure

Fridge Logic

  • Digimon escape into the real world and generally ruin everyone's day. But then next season, no one seems any the wiser to their existence. In a subversion, Gennai explains that he and his clones have altered/deleted the saved data in the networks/computers to hide the facts
    • Still didn't change the fact that hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of people saw the battle with Apocalymon that was projected onto the sky!
      • Between the time difference and the shortness of the final battle the sky being weird didn't really last that long. Also keep in mind that only a few of the kids parents, not even all of them, had any idea of what was going on. As far as the population is concerned weird things happened and then they stopped and that's as far as they can put it together.
    • Izzy's parents do know about Digimon, however. Yet in 02, the Digimon pretend to be stuffed animals in his house to not freak out his parents. Matt's dad still remembered, at least.
      • Just because they pretended doesn't mean Izzy's parents were actually fooled. Izzy's parents took a 'the kids know better than we do, let's follow their lead' approach last time, no reason they wouldn't do the same again.
  • In the episode when Izzy is trapped in Vademon's Pocket Dimension, we see Izzy form some letters of the alphabet with his body "to help cleanse his thoughts". Thing is, even though we don't see him do it, it's implied that he did this with ALL the letters in the alphabet. Which begs the question: how the HELL can anyone make a W shape with their bodies? Or a B, or an M...hell, how did he make most of the letters?!
    • For a W, your arms are one half of the W, your legs are the other, it's a bit lopsided but it works, a B has your arms and head as the "Top" loop and your legs (one bent, the other straight) as the other loop. For an M, just reverse the W.
    • In the same episode, Vademon takes Izzy's curiosity and tries to sell it. There are several other curiosities nearby. That would make Vademon the owner of a literal Curiosity Shop.
  • Wizardmon's act is actually a strange example of the Taking the Bullet trope. Most instances of Taking the Bullet involve leaping in front of the character, making it a Diving Save minus pushing another out of the line of fire. There's a bit of Fridge Logic here when you think that there's no possible way Wizardmon could have gotten there fast enough to be standing square in front of them, as he was blasted several meters away, severely beaten and exhausted, moments ago. Fridge Brilliance if you think this is simply the result of another strange power he has. (Super speed or teleportation; the sheer number of powers he has compared to other Digimon could stretch the imagination to imply he had either.)
    • Either that or A Wizard Did It.
    • For that matter, how did Wizardmon even take the bullet to begin with? It's not like the attack was a bunch of dive-bombing bats that stop or explode on impact. It's a cluster of bats that attack by flocking to a designated target and presumably biting it, and the bats are either controlled by Myotismon or at least smart enough to recognize and aim for their target. If Wizardmon just jumped in their way, they should have just ignored him and swarmed Kari like Myotismon intended.
      • Grisly wing has been shown to work a few different ways, both as just summoning and controlling a swarm of bats, and as being a powerful blast attack.

Fridge Brilliance

  • When Homeostasis said that Tai and Kari enabled their first Koromon to survive, digivolve, and protect them, it was right. Tai kept Miko and Parrotmon from killing Koromon; Kari shared her food and her bed with him.
  • Why is Gatomon's base form her Champion level as opposed to Rookie, like the other partner Digimon? Digimon digivolve over time, leading to characters like Leomon that are in higher forms by default. Gatomon was alone in the Digital World for so long, she evolved naturally to Champion before she finally met Kari.
    • I always figured it was because Myotismon beat her a lot, thus she became stronger as a result... though that's messed up on its own.
      • Substitute direct physical abuse with Training from Hell that incorporates direct physical abuse, and bingo.
    • Digimon evolve faster when angered or need to survive in great battles, Gatomon was abused by Myotismon for who knows how long.
    • She's lucky she didn't get angry enough to digivolve into something like Skull Greymon.
  • Apocalypsemon came from beyond the Wall of Fire. In other words, a firewall.
  • Despite withstanding heavy fire from Andromon, Angemon, Angewomon, and Birdramon directly before that, Machinedramon is "sliced like an onion" in one attack from WarGreymon. This makes sense when you notice he has the word dramon in his name. This means he's still weak against WarGreymon's Dramon Destoryer claws. WarGreymon just needed a little boost from Kari to get the job done.
  • How can we tell right away that Izzy was adopted? Neither of his parents have red hair like he does.
    • Seeing as red hair is an extremely rare recessive trait he still could have been their child and not adopted.
      • Which, seeing as Koushiro (Izzy) is a genius, he most likely knew that, leading to him not questioning his parents.
      • Actually, several characters in Japanese anime who tend to have hair of similar color tend to be related. Izzy's mom's hair is purple, which is very closely related to red. It's a long shot, but it would fit.
  • Why was Devimon taking control of other Digimon with the Black Gears? He knew of stronger Digimon than him like Etemon and Myotismon and he needed an army to stand up to them!
    • In the novelizations, the evil Digimon are all part of the same organization. Devimon wouldn't be acting against Etemon, who's ranked higher than he is.
  • While everyone knows that the Crest-digivolutions are powered by, well, the crests( T.K shows Hope, Tai shows Courage, and so on) It took this troper a few watches to realize that the first set ( baring the Digivolution to rookie) also follows the Crest patterns. Tai is brave and tries to distract Shellmon. Matt shows loyalty/friendship, swimming out to save T.K, and the other kids. Sora shows love by leaving safety to protect Biyomon, Joe takes responsibility for the others, Izzy uses his big brain to figure out how to hack the digiworld, Mimi is sincere in her desires to help the others/ doesn't back down/speaks her mind and T.K was the team's last hope against Devimon.
  • And Gatomon digivolved despite the darkness that was Myotismon constantly beating her, thus being the embodiment of light that Kari needed as a partner
  • That moment when you find out that "prodigious" is a real word.
    • That other moment when you realize that you can't spell "prodigious" without "digi".
  • This will sound weird, but perhaps Myotismon's powers are strengthed by fog. First he only struck at night (where it was frequently foggy), then he's seen making a LOT more fog onscreen... and he progressively gets more powerful afterward. And when he finally seems to have fallen, Kari specifically notes the fog is getting thicker (shortly before he returns as VenomMyotismon).
    • Probably because vampires get weaker in direct sunlight.
  • Kari's illness in "My Sister's Keeper". Remember that she had to miss summer camp because she was too ill? The time in 'our world' didn't go forward at all while the kids were in Digiworld. Myotismon's attack on Tokyo only lasted about four days at most. It makes sense that Kari could relapse from her illness if she had only just recovered from it - especially after spending so much time outdoors in the Digiworld.
  • Mimi's 'Sincerity' trait appears as early as the first episode (at least in the dub). Note that while the other kids are trying to restrain their Digimon from fighting Kuwagamon, Mimi doesn't. She simply says "Tanemon, you too?". And when the Digimon charge at him, the other kids call things like "it's useless" or "don't do it". Mimi says "be careful" - she's far too honest/sincere to put up the token protest the other kids are doing. They are in denial but she has accepted that the Digimon are going to fight (and probably stand a better chance than the children themselves) and trying to stop them won't work.
  • Every Ultimate/Perfect level digimon on the mainland is either hiding or joined in an army under a massively powerful big bad. Why? Because they've been around long enough to know about the Dark Masters and know they'll be coming back eventually and are trying to protect themselves. This also explains Etemon and Myotismon's constant drive for more power and control, they needed to get stronger before the Dark Masters returned or they'd be killed off or enslaved. Notice both of them actually get to Mega, despite that being a mythical nearly impossible thing to do? they must have been working at it for a long time.
  • This isn't a particularly brilliant one, but it took me a moment to realize that the reason Yamato could defeat Pinocchimon so easily was because his crest was the one thing that Dark Master lacked.
  • It might seem weird that Metalseadramon was a data type rather than a Virus like the other three Dark Masters but it actually gave their team an advantage. The biggest threat to the Dark Masters would be powerful Vaccine types. Data types are strong against Vaccine and resistant to their attacks, which also explains why the Digidestined had such a tough time against him; all their digimon were either neutral or at a disadvantage due to their typings, with only Wargreymon's Dramon Destroyers winning the day.
  • In the end of the first episode, the narrator said that it was the beginning of the longest ant shortest holidays the kids ever had, which make sense when we realize that the Digital World Year Inside, works on a one day = one minute ratio.
  • Not sure if this was intentional, but since Etemon's a rocker, it makes perfect sense that his digivolution is MetalEtemon.

Fridge Horror

  • By their very nature, Digimon are Made of Iron and very hard to really hurt, much less scar for life. Somehow, Myotismon managed to do it to poor Gatomon. It's rather sad to imagine how he managed to do that.
  • Considering that time goes faster in the Digiworld than the real word, thousands of years have passed between the Highton View Terrace incident and Adventure. It's entirely possible that Gatomon had been enslaved by a brutal vampire for decades if not centuries.
  • Re-watching through the first season after 10+ years, this troper realizes that Skullgreymon basically KILLS the Greymon that Etemon sent to defeat the digidestined.
  • Time issues aside, virtually every Digimon that died in the show will eventually be reborn and potentially Digivolve to their iconic forms at some point in the future due to the data reconfiguring loophole. This is Fridge Horror for two reasons. First, this means that evil Digimon like Devimon and the Dark Masters could eventually return, much like Etemon and Myotismon did. Secondly, Digimon that died on Earth, with the glaring exception of Venommyotismon a.k.a. Malomyotismon, could not recompile and reconfigure their data, meaning that Pumpkinmon, Gotsumon and (as we learn in Adventure 02) Wizardmon are pretty conclusively gone.
    • Piedmon is forever trapped in the Gate of Destiny though. Also we saw with Devimon that evil Digimon seem to be buried deep within the dark whirlpool thing and can't leave (he didn't make any attempts anyways) Also I would assume the releasing of the power of the crest at least did SOMETHING maybe it prevented evil Digimon from being reborn?
  • Gabumon stayed with brainwashed Matt because he would have been easy pickings for the Dark Masters otherwise.