Ho Yay / Digimon Adventure

  • Ogremon's only desire is to duke it out with Leomon, and he visibly tears up when Leomon passes away.
  • Jeff Nimoy (the writer, story editor and director for the English translation) has stated (joked?) that he wrote Izzy and Tentomon's dialogue together as if they were gay lovers.
  • Then there's Sora and Mimi, who were awfully...eager to strip off and shower together in one episode.
    • In one scene, Sora comforts Mimi after she wakes up from a nightmare and holds her hand. Mimi is scared that her friends are going to leave her behind because she treated them very unfairly, but Sora encourages her by calling her a "very nice girl".
  • Tai[chi] and Matt (Yamato). Wrestle-to-the-ground fistfights, hand-holding, and head-cradling have all been seen—the Japanese version even includes a scene where they yank Joe's towel off at a hot springs bath.
    • And the freaking angelic "arrows of love," with an explicit "like Cupid" comparison, combined with manful hand-holding before their first digimon warp digivolve to Mega level in "Prophecy."
    • Ahem.
  • Tai[chi] and Izzy (Koushiro) have a lot of moments too, particularly when Matt's not around.