Film: Raise Your Voice

A movie which Hilary Duff made during her Lizzie McGuire phase that many believe showed her acting chops. (The scenes where her character dealt with losing her brother were surprisingly believeable.) Duff plays Terri Fletcher, her usual perky character except with occasional Wangst due to the fact that her brother Paul was Killed Off for Real. Terri is "forced" to disobey her Overprotective Dad because it's her destiny to go to music school in Los Angeles (a justification the film thinks is good enough to sermonize), where she finds the usual Stock Characters:

Yes, it's pretty much just as much a Cliché Storm as it sounds like, complete with a Concert Climax.

  • Alpha Bitch: Robin
  • Beta Couple: Kiwi and Sloane
  • Completely Different Title: Known as Listen To My Voice in Spain, The Girl in the Summer in Peru (because one Spanish title wasn't enough), A Star Is Born in Hungary, Chance of Success in Poland, Summer Tunes in Finland, Never Give Up! in the Czech Republic, The Summer of Terri in Greece, Follow your Dream in Portugal, The Trail of Fame in Brazil (because one Portuguese title wasn't enough), and Superstar in Russia. In Germany, it's known as Raise Your Voice: Live Your Dream, with the "Raise Your Voice" part untranslated from English.
  • Concert Climax
  • Covers Always Lie: Look carefully at the image on this page. Paul is included in the group of music students behind Hilary Duff, but in the film he never goes to the music school or meets any of those characters around him. He's dead by the time any of them are introduced.
  • Destructo-Nookie
  • Embarrassing First Name: Kiwi's real name turns out to be Engelbert.
  • Fade to White
  • Goth: Sloane
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Is that Uncle Phil as the Dean of the whole school?
  • I Need a Freaking Drink: Aunt Nina after stalling Teri's dad
  • Killed Off for Real: Paul
  • Sacrificial Lamb: Paul
  • Sassy Black Woman: Denise
  • What Could Have Been: Evan Rachel Wood was set to star in this but dropped out in pre-production.