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Film: No Holds Barred

In 1988, Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan were eager to take a step into Hollywood. Hogan was at the height of his popularity in the WWE (then WWF), and in fact, he did have some acting experience, most notably in Rocky III as Thunderlips. Having Hogan star in his own major motion picture seemed like a natural progression, so Hogan took some time off from wrestling while Randy Savage was champion. McMahon and Hogan collaborated as executive producers, and unleashed No Holds Barred upon the public in 1989.

Hogan stars as Rip, an extremely popular professional wrestler (no, really!) who appears to be a monster in the ring but is actually a kind, honorable man outside of it. Brell (Kurt Fuller), the evil head of the World Television Network, is tired of being last in the ratings, so he makes an attempt to lure Rip over to his network, blank check and all. Rip isn't interested, and even fends off a series of Mooks hired by Brell to take him out (leading to the infamous scene where a limo driver craps his pants in fear). Undaunted, Brell creates his own wrestling organization entitled Battle Of The Tough Guys, filled with bikers and rednecks who engage in glorified bar fights. And thus, Brell discovers Zeus (Tom "Tiny" Lister), a beast of a man who seems impervious to pain. (And also screams. A lot.) It's not long before Zeus and Brell are challenging Rip to a match. Meanwhile, Brell sends one of his staff, Samantha, to follow Rip around and seduce him, but she winds up falling for him instead.

Hulk's movie career didn't quite take off as hoped as a result of No Holds Barred, as while it just about broke even, it was critically savaged upon release for its acting and dialogue. It seemed like an Old Shame for those involved until 2012, when the movie finally saw a DVD release.

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