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Film: Danny the Dog

"You're a dog! You're my dog!"

"We've come to think of you as family, and that's what families do—they stick together."

Danny the Dog (also known as Unleashed in some markets) is a 2005 action movie written by Luc Besson (of The Fifth Element fame) and directed by Louis Leterrier, starring Jet Li, Bob Hoskins and Morgan Freeman.

Danny is a trained assassin, working as an enforcer for his "Uncle Bart", a low-level gangster in Glasgow. He's kept like a dog, in a grate under the floor and wearing a metal collar, conditioned to fight and kill on Bart's orders. When he survives a hit that leaves the gang dead, he stumbles into a blind piano tuner, Sam, and his adopted daughter Victoria, who take him in and teach him to live like a human. But Bart isn't dead, and he wants Danny back.

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alternative title(s): Unleashed; Danny The Dog
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