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Gastly Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Gastly [#092]
  • Haunter [#093]
  • Gengar [#094]
    • Mega Gengar [#094-M]

Physical Description

Gastly are rather simple looking organisms, with a face consisting of a fanged mouth and large, white eyes on a gaseous body. Many are actually shocked to realize Gastly are much larger than general media depicts them, with the average being as large as 1.3 meters. Semi-opaque noxious gases actually make up 95% of the Gastly's body, the majority of it being held densely in the center with the remainder flowing loosely around it. While in most circumstances the composition of the gases that make up a Gastly body are unknown, a very rare variant of Gastly seems to be composed of an unusually high degree of methane-based gases giving it a blue hue, making them highly sought by collectors.

Haunter are, by bodily composition, almost the exact same as Gastly's gaseous body, except for the fact the gas is much denser and there is a lot more of it. This results in their larger size, a hefty 1.6 meters. The semi-opaque parts of Gastly's form now appear in a more solid form that takes on a deep, purple color. It also compacts gas into two unconnected, three-pronged 'hands' that improve its ability to manipulate objects, as well as defend itself. The two fangs of its previous form actually fall out during evolution, akin to baby teeth, leaving it with a large, toothless mouth with an incredibly prehensile tongue. The rare, methane-based variant of Gastly that evolve into Haunter are almost the same shade of purple as far as their exterior bodies go, but their interior bodies (evident when they open their mouths) are quite a vivid shade of bright blue.

Gengar are fully bipedal versions of Haunter, a little shorter at 1.5 meters, featuring rotund bodies with now three-fingered hands and feet. Their previously white eyes have turned a fiendish red, and their previous toothless mouths feature a full toothy grin. Their tongues have evolved even further from their time as a Haunter, and they can now stretch their tongue the same length as their entire body. The ragged wisps that appeared on its back as a Haunter have solidified as two large, horn-like 'ears' and rows of spikes down its back, as well a small tail at the bottom of its body. One of the oddest physical features of a Gengar is its weight, as a Gastly and Haunter they weigh virtually nothing being comprised of semi-opaque gasses, a Gengar is much more solid 40.5 kg, several hundred times the weight of both previous forms. Rare methane-heavy variants looks quite similar to their normal brethren, although instead of a stark purple hue, they instead bolster a dull blue color.

Mega Gengar are variants of Gengar only seen from trainers who have made a close connection with a Gengar with the assistance of a stone called Gengarite. The gaseous chemicals in Gengar's body react violently resulting in more vibrant colors of purple and red, and causing their existing spikes on their head and back to lengthen, as well as producing more spikes on the lower half of their forearms and on their tails. An odd growth that looks like a yellow Third Eye appears on their forehead and their bodies seem to sink into the ground, surrounding by a vortex of either noxious chemicals or, some researchers argue, extra-dimensional energies. The methane-heavy variants of the species are highly sought after due to this Mega Evolution, as opposed to becoming more blue or purple, methane-based Mega Gengar turn a remarkable shade of white in result of the chemical reactions in their body.

Notable Biology

All members of the Gastly line have the ability to levitate, phase through matter, and even become completely invisible (though Gengar is also capable of walking on the ground). Of these abilities, only levitation has any scientific basis. The Gastly line is known to emit strange electromagnetic waves; presumably, these waves are manipulated by the Gastly in order to float, in a similar fashion to how Magnemite levitate. Its intangibility and invisibility abilities continue to baffle scientists.

The only exception to the above is a rare string of Gengar from the Alola region. Naturally existing Gengar, or Gengar who evolve from Haunter (even from other regions) seem to lose their ability to reliable levitate at will, making them quite vulnerable to Ground-based attacks. Instead of levitation, the chemical composition of their bodies seem to change, direct contact with their bodies having the chance of causing short-term memory loss and even restricting a Pokémon from being able to use certain maneuvers for a short time. This effect is known in most circles as a "Cursed Body", although it is highly debated if such a mutation has any benefit over the standard levitating Gengar found in all other regions.

Biological samples taken from the Gastly line show that they do not have DNA in the conventional sense. In fact, they seem not to be carbon-based lifeforms at all; their molecular structure seems to be more akin to a gas compound, and this gas is not found normally on Earth (with the exception of 'Shiny' variants, as mentioned above). The one thing about the gas that is known, is its toxicity.

Being comprised of gas makes Gastly quite fearful of heavy winds, as it can actually rob a Gastly of much of its limited mass and may even prove fatal to a Gastly should they be unable to find shelter in time. This is the primary reason for its evolution to have the film of purple 'skin' over its body, it develops a natural defense mechanism to avoid such circumstances of body loss caused by winds.

All three forms are endothermic, with scientists believing this to do with the mysterious composition of the gases in their body. As a result, those who come in physical contact with one of these beings will have their body heat absorbed, giving what many describe to as the 'chills'.

Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar observed over long periods of time have shown no signs of aging. In fact, specimens confirmed to have been owned by trainers over 100 years ago are nearly identical to modern specimens, leading to the theory that the Gastly line may be completely immortal.

Gengar are extremely rare in the wild, as typically to evolve from a Haunter exposure to a rare electromagnetic wave found in trading devices are required. It is believed exposure to this energy causes a chemical reaction in the gases that comprise Haunter's body, causing the chemicals to radically change density and cause Gengar's severe increase in weight. Some researchers have formed theories these electromagnetic waves are similar to a dense area of 'white noise' and that's what triggers evolution, backed up by one of the only places that wild Gengar are known to exist, the Old Chateau in Sinnoh, is also home to Rotom, a Pokémon known for being linked to white noise and manipulation of electronic devices. Other researchers argue the energy required to induce evolution is more extra-dimensional in origin, this based up by the other area known for wild Gengar sightings, the abandoned Thrifty Megamart in Alola, an area known for documented accounts of dimensional wormholes and alarming levels of energy disturbances.

Some scientists have theorized that the Gastly line, and indeed possibly other "Ghost" Pokémon, may be inter-dimensional beings, citing their radically different biology and blatant disregard of the laws of physics as evidence. The fact that they seem to become increasingly capable of suppressing their "supernatural" qualities as they evolve (Gastly are almost completely ethereal, whereas Haunter are less so (except for the strange disembodied hands), and Gengar seem to have a solid physical form), indicates that their "evolution" may, in fact, be them getting used to our dimension, manifesting more and more of their true forms. There is some evidence that points toward this theory.

More research on this subject is required.


The Gastly line is commonly found in caves, old abandoned buildings, graveyards and burial sites, or other locations associated with death and the supernatural. The scientific community stresses that this is merely a coincidence and "ghost" Pokemon are not actually supernatural. Recent research at these sites have reported strange electromagnetic waves, similar to the ones emitted by Gastly.

More research on this subject is required.


Gastly seem to be omnivorous, eating whatever food they seem to care for. Specimens observed in the wild have shown no consistent eating patterns. Other specimens have been observed to go for long periods of time with out food or water with no ill effects, indicating that they may not need to eat at all.

While the need to eat is heavily debated, some researchers do have theories that while they may not need to eat, they may have a sense of taste, as members of all three lines seem to take great delight in using their tongues to lick many foreign objects. Other researchers are dubious of the claims of this licking being used for taste, and instead it simply being an effective way for them to spread their poison gas by way converting it to saliva.

Many people believe that the entire line feeds upon souls, but no empirical evidence has been provided to back up these legends. Many scientists have argued that the endothermic nature of the line, coupled with the toxicity of their bodily composition, is the cause of such rumors.


The Gastly line, especially Gengar, have been known to be extremely mischievous. In particular, they have been known to go out of their way to frighten, trick, steal from, and otherwise harass humans and other Pokemon. This is not particularly harmful in and of itself; however, it still poses some hazards. Most notably, Gastly have a tendency to lick humans; this is dangerous because the saliva of the Gastly line contains a poison that causes shivering and chills in humans. Haunter's saliva is especially toxic, and can cause these symptoms for long periods of time. It's mostly harmless (albeit unpleasant) in small doses, but it can easily induce paralysis in medium doses; luckily, such paralysis is easily removed. Large doses can cause muscle and nerve damage, which can lead to permanent paralysis or even death.

In addition, the gas produced by Gastly is highly toxic, and can be deadly if inhaled in large quantities over a short period of time.

[[Trainer's note: These dangers can be avoided by carry a small emf detector when entering likely areas. These devices can pick up the electromagnetic waves given off by members of the line, alerting you to their presence even if they are invisible.]]

As mentioned previously, members of the line are naturally endothermic, and will absorb body heat from any subject nearby. While mild as a Gastly, this ability grows more severe as it evolves, with fully-evolved Gengar even having the ability to cause a person to go into shock if they drain body heat too quickly (although this is rare and has only been documented a handful of times). Most hazardous about this trait is unless properly curbed, many members of this species will think the idea of giving someone 'chills' to be quite hilarious, and will do so with reckless abandon. This can also be dangerous due to the aforementioned toxicity of their bodies, as close proximity to drain body heat can also give their targets a mild to moderate case of poisoning, as well.

For purposes of training, firm discipline is important to avoid members of the Gastly line from becoming poltergeist-like pests, this problem is readily apparent when one brings an undisciplined one into a home, pokecenter, etc. It is doubly important, however, to avoid abuse and neglect at all cost, the only thing worse than a mischievous, uncontrollable Gastly member is an angry, vengeful one who will at best make life a living hell for its trainer, more likely, the abusive trainer will suddenly die in a humiliating, painful fashion.

On the other extreme, loyal members of the Gastly line take defense of their trainer seriously- familiarize them with friends and family as soon as possible to avoid potentially deadly misunderstandings. With Gastly and Haunter, misunderstood gestures may result in a paralyzing lick at worst or the odd book being thrown at the offender- Gengar are far less lenient and will react to assumed attacks with the most lethal powers available to them. (It should be noted, however, it is because of this 'overreaction' that households and trainers known to host loyal Gengar are rarely, if ever, robbed, and then only once.)


The mating ritual of the Gastly line usually consist of mates circling each other, then coming close and licking each other, exchanging saliva in a form of "kissing". After a while, the female vanishes for a period of time, then reappears with a fully developed egg. Similar rituals are conducted for other species within the same Egg Group. Where the female goes, or what happens during that time, remains unknown at this time.

Social Structure

Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar tend to gather in small groups from anywhere from 3 to 10, though groups of over 50 have been observed in areas of high Gastly concentrations. As Gengar are so rare in the wild, most social structures consist solely of Gastly and Haunter. These groups lack any real organization or leadership structure, and while some researchers argue this is due to the lack of a fully-evolved Gengar to provide guidance or authority, even areas where wild Gengar are known to exist, such as Sinnoh or Alola, there still seems to be a complete lack of structure even with their presence.

Lore and History

As members of the Gastly line have been documented for centuries, tales of them have been prevalent in many historical tales, ranging from being playful mischief makers to fiends looking to make infernal contracts with unsuspecting humans. Some ancient ruins even give the notion that these Pokémon were either revered in a cult-like fashion, or feared as dangerous, otherworldly demons (or both). Ancient texts have revealed that at one time Gastly were known simply as "Spirit", Haunter as "Spectre", and Gengar as "Phantom". Whether these were actually their proper names or just placeholder names for what ancient people could not fathom is still debated to this day, although such depictions may be why the Gastly line are often considered the Ur-Example when it comes to 'Ghost'-type Pokémon.

Lore also has a tendency to pit the Gastly line of Pokémon against the Abra line, although more typically with Gengar and Alakazam having a shared aggression for one another. As the two species do not share a natural habitat and therefore have little to no actual interaction, reports of a rivalry between the two species is greatly exaggerated. Their depictions in media seem to stem with Gengar's tendency to be mischievous tricksters while Alakazam are more typically stoic and disciplined.

There has also been rumors of both an Ancient, Giant Gengar in rivalry with a similarly ancient, giant Alakazam residing somewhere within the Kanto region. Such wild rumors had piqued the interests of many renown scientists, as if such a thing were true, it very well could be another documented case of Primal Reversion which had been thought to only possible in Groudon and Kyogre. However, with no evidence to give credence to these claims, the reports of a "Primal Gengar" and a "Primal Alakazam" were eventually dismissed as an urban legend.

Another strange rumor originate from the isolated coastal town of Maiden's Peak, where a local ghost legend was allegedly revealed to be the work of a Ghastly who not only exhibited very powerful illusion abilities, but also the ability to speak like a human, allowing it to impersonate not only the female ghost, but also a living old woman. No other Ghastly has ever been reported to possess these abilities, and most dismiss the story as an urban legend or a hoax.

Recently, rumors have surfaced of a Gengar attempting to conquer the world with the aid of a Medicham and an Ekans. The rumors go on to state that this Gengar was the reincarnation of a notorious human; this human became infamous for pulling one of a Ninetales's tails and completely avoiding retribution from said Ninetales, thanks to the intervention of his Gardevoir (who stepped in to take the Ninetales's curse while the human ran as far away as his body was physically capable of going.) The human-turned-Gengar, having learned nothing from his misadventure, proceeded to form a so-called rescue team (consisting of himself and the aforementioned Medicham and Ekans) with the aim of raising enough money to attempt to conquer the world, but was thwarted when another human-turned Pokemon, who was on a mission to prevent a meteor from colliding with the planet, exposed the Gengar's lies and convinced him to change his ways and make up for his past misdeeds. The general consensus among the experts on Ghost-types (and on Ninetales) is that these stories are merely fairy tales which a few nutjobs are taking way too seriously.

Written by Neo Crimson.