Fanfic / Pride Comes Before The Fall

Pride Comes Before The Fall is a fanfiction written by Snafu the Great. The plot follows Ranma being forsaken by his parents, the Tendous and the Chinese Amazons following a rematch with Herb which results in Ranma getting his curse locked in (thanks to outside interference from Ryouga and Mousse).

Suffice to say, Ranma does not take this very well. She snaps and proceeds to maim Genma, as well as brutally beating down the Amazons, Ryouga Hibiki, as well as Soun and Akane Tendou. Just as Ranma is about to kill Genma, she is blasted out of the compound by Ryouga's Shishi Hokoudan. Following this incident, Nodoka and Genma adopts Ryouga and shifts the engagement onto him, and the Amazons have a death sentence on Ranma's head.

However, Ranma has other plans for all involved. With the blessings of Happousai, he declares a blood feud on his former family, the Tendous, the Musk and Jokuetsuzoku. It is not pretty for all parties involved.

Tropes regarding this fic are: