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03:13:41 AM Feb 8th 2015
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Ranma does not pull any punches on those who screwed him over. Akane is thrown out of Furinkan High, later gets beaten by a superior opponent, cursed to become a boy with Jusenkyou water, and has said cursed locked in. Kasumi's engagement with Tofuu is terminated. Genma gets beaten within an inch of his life and is left crippled, and is later tossed into a pit of starving housecats, is given the Cat's Tongue Pressure Point, and splashed with cold water. Nodoka is disowned by her parents and her sword is destroyed. Soun loses his council seat and is forced to watch his family's downfall. Ryouga is outed as a burakumin, chased out of Nerima, turned into kitty chow (and later Shibito-fied in the alternate ending). Nabiki attempts to blackmail the wrong person and is arrested, tried and sent to prison.
    • Ranma even admits to having no real hand in the last one. That was pure karma.

Laser-Guided Karma is not ymmv. And, based in the wording of the example, sounds as a correct example.
07:06:07 AM Feb 8th 2015
Yeah, that entry is questionable. Too much spoiler tagging, and most of the entries don't seem to fit the trope.
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