Die For Our Ship / South Park

South Park isn't very big on romance, but it's there. And where there is romance, there is shipping. And there are some shippers who want some characters to make like Kenny so their ships can work.
  • Kelly and Tammy are often hated by fangirls who have a crush on Kenny or that prefer slash pairings. Wendy, Bebe, and a few others are disliked for the same reasons.
  • Fans who ARE fans of Kenny/Tammy bash Kelly for being a "whiny wuss who picks her nose and can't get Kenny's name right", and the Kenny/Kelly fans bash Tammy for being a "Jonas Brothers-loving slut who killed Kenny".
  • Wendy is especially hated for being with Stan by adamant Stan/Kyle shippers and Stan/OC shippers alike. First they hated her for being with him, then hated her for breaking up with him, then for getting back with him. And she's either too bitchy and Straw Feminist or too "girly and useless" in the fans' eyes.
    • Granted, not every slash fan hates Wendy and Bebe (otherwise there wouldn't be fanworks for them). If they're luckier, they'll just be minor characters in a fanwork or be paired off with each other.
  • Rebecca Cotswolds, a minor one-shot character in the vein of Kelly and Tammy, is absolutely demonized by Kyle/Bebe shippers and Stan/Kyle shippers as well. Sure, she became promiscuous towards the end of the episode, but those fans will often ignore her naive and sheltered personality and turn her into a violent, manipulative bitch and skank who wants nothing more than to make Kyle's life a living hell. Bebe gets less overt hate in comparison, but that doesn't stop some shippers (mostly Stan/Kyle, but sometimes Kyle/Rebecca) from seeing her as an "evil bitch" and "slut" that would ruin Kyle too.
  • On the other hand, some fans who don't hate Bebe, and who ship her with Kyle or Kenny, reserve their hate for Clyde, portraying him as an abuser who treats women like hoes.
  • More recently, Kyle/Cartman writers have taken to writing what are essentially anti-Stan/Kyle fics that either a) have Stan die and Cartman swoop in to woo Kyle, or b) change Stan's character beyond the point of recognition, making Kyle turn to Cartman for friendship/romance.
    • This almost became canon in "You're Getting Old" but was then nullified in "Ass Burgers".
  • Stan seems to be in the Dangerzone with the Cartman/Wendy fans for being passionless and neglectful with Wendy. In fanworks he ditches/dumps a sad/brokenhearted Wendy for Kyle which then she gets comforted by Cartman.
  • This also would happen in some Kyle/Wendy fanworks, where those for the pairing felt Wendy deserved a more intelligent boyfriend like Kyle. As a result, they would do what they could to portray Stan as abusive or cold to make Kyle look like the better option. Oddly, it's quite the reversal of what happened with pro-Stan/Kyle stories that demonized Wendy, and seems to fall almost in line with the aforementioned "Bastard Boyfriend Stan" or "Dumb Jock Stan" that typically appears in pro-Kyle/Cartman or Cartman/Wendy fanworks.
  • A long long time ago when The Movie was new, Gregory used to get this from Stan/Wendy fans. That's all ancient history now.
  • Token, oddly enough, got hate from people that DIDN'T necessarily ship Stan/Wendy, but still hated him for trying to "steal away" what Stan was "entitled" to. This resulted in some gross racist comments and a few bashfics where Token got derailed into a drug-dealing Jerk Jock or Scary Black Man who would steal any girl Stan wanted JUST to spite him. These days, things may be a little better for him, as he is no longer dating Wendy (although as of "Skank Hunt", no pairing is canon anymore outside of Craig/Tweek and Cartman/Heidi later on).
    • Though apparently as of "The Fractured But Whole" Stan/Wendy is canon again.
  • Out of all the female characters from South Park, Estella gets the worst of them from the Damien/Pip fans for "being a snooty bitch to Pip", even though it's not like Damien ever treated Pip any different or better.
    • This is especially bizarre because Estella is only seen in a Whole Plot Reference of Great Expectations; as far as we know, she doesn't actually exist in the "real" South Park universe, so it's not like you need to vilify her for your ship.
  • As of Season 20, Heidi has fallen victim to this, as Kyle/Cartman fans are angry at her for dating Cartman.
  • Also in Season 20, Butters has received a torrent of scorn from Cartman/Heidi fans, after Cartman became distrustful of her due to Butters' influence.
    • It gets worse when he outright abuses her in Season 21 and even tries to have her killed.
  • Cartman himself has had this pretty bad:
    • First was when Wendy kissed him (even though she was the one who did it) and Stan/Wendy fans outright wanted him dead and/or disowned said episode. Though this seems to have died a bit as the creators themselves admitted they hated the episode in question, hinting that they don't consider it canon.
    • Anyone who wanted Kyle to end up with Nichole or Heidi hold particular contempt for him (though the former more often gets a pass due to Token/Nichole outweighing the Kyle/Nichole shippers and the fact that he brought Token and Nichole together in the first place).
      • For the latter it went from bad to worse when Heidi became just like Cartman and began taunting Kyle in vein of him.
  • To burst the fourth wall, the creators in general are hated by the fans for Season 20 in general. It's even worse if said people hate Tweek/Craig or Cartman/Heidi. Doubly worse if they hate both of them. Not tying up the loose ends in Season 21 didn't help either.
    • To keep the fourth wall intact, more have taken their rage out on Gerald (though in this case he legitimately WAS the reason the girls went through with it anyway).