Creator / Yuji Ueda

Also written as "Yuuji Ueda" in romaji, he's one of the more veteran voice actors made famous thanks to Love Hina, Rurouni Kenshin and Martian Successor Nadesico.
Ueda in October 2016

Yuji Ueda in the past, was well-known for this screaming raspy voice that was iconic to a ton of his young boy characters....that is until he showed what he could do in later roles, which makes him very hard to pigeonhole.

While mostly he plays rather soft and fitting for simpleton characters who are really down to their luck with his usual "raspy voice", he can even occasionally voice boisterous Hot-Blooded men who have some deep-raspy voices, or even at times he can sound like an utter psycho. Let's just say he can even have he voices all over the place (Blanka as one blatant example compared to his other roles).

He's also married with Nadesico co-seiyuu Omi Minami.

Not related in any way with Kana Ueda. And NOT to be confused with Yoji Ueda.

Some of Yuji Ueda's most notable roles: