Comic Strip / Barney & Clyde

Barney & Clyde, created in 2010 by Gene Weingarten, columnist for the Washington Post, his son Dan and cartoonist David Clark, details the unlikely friendship between billionaire J. Barnard Pillsburynote , Owner and C.E.O of Pillsbury Pharmaceuticals, and a homeless man named Clyde Finster.

Has NOTHING to do with Bonnie and Clyde.

It can be found here.

Tropes in this strip include:

  • Casanova Wannabe - Duane Butkis who keeps trying (and failing) to get to first base with Ms. Foxx.
  • Meaningful Name - Duane Butkis.
  • Snark Knight - Barney's daughter (but not Lucretia's) Cynthia is quite sarcastic, to put it mildly.
    • Ms. Foxx qualifies as well, regarding how she deals with Duane's advances.
  • Trophy Wife - Lucretia is Barney's second wife and she is quite glamorous.
  • White Bunny - Clyde's Rabbit Adolf, whom he refers to by his "Stage Name", Fluffykins McNeedsahug.