Characters / Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso

Catalina Santana

Portrayed by Carmen Villalobos

Antagonic Protagonist, aspires to be an actress.

Hilda Santana

Portrayed by Catherine Siachoque

Catalina and Bayron's mother, later she is in love with Albeiro

Yésica "La diabla" Franco

Portrayed by María Fernanda Yépez

Catalina's best friend, villain, boss of the pre-paid girls

Bayron Santana

Portrayed by Juan Diego Sánchez

Hilda's son; Catalina's brother who's hired as a hitman

Albeiro Manrique

Portrayed by Fabián Ríos

Catalina's long term boyfriend and later Hilda's lover

Aurelio "Titi" Jaramillo

Portrayed by Gregorio Pernía

Drug dealer; in love with Catalina; villain


Portrayed by Alejandra Pinzón

Catalina's friend; pre-paid girl; wants a deeper relationship with Titi


Portrayed by Carolina Sepúlveda

Catalina's friend; in love with Bayron; pre-paid girl


Portrayed by Danilo Santos

Chief of Titi; partner of Morón; in prison

Mauricio Contento

Portrayed by Juan Pablo Shuk

Colombian surgeon who implants drugs in augmented breasts

Marcial Sánchez

Portrayed by César Mora

Catalina's former husband; Yésica's husband


Portrayed by Jose Omar Murillo

Henchman of Marcial; in love with Catalina


Portrayed by Martha Isabel Bolaños

"Model" scout who traffics young girls

Caballo, Orlando, & Jorge

The three men that raped Catalina.