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Characters: Sand Chronicles

The characters of the manga Sand Chronicles:

Ann Uekusa/Minase

The main protagonist. Ann moves with her mother, following her parents' divorce, to the country town of Shimane. When her mother commits suicide, Ann is left in a deep depression and is only lifted from it by Daigo's kindness. Daigo is Ann's first friend, first love, and first boyfriend.

Daigo Kitamura

Ann's first friend in Shimane and becomes her first love and boyfriend.

Fuji Tsukishima

The son of the wealthy Tsukishima family and Shika's older brother. He develops feelings for Ann, who is initially oblivious towards it. He gets accepted at a high school in Tokyo, which is nearby where Ann attends her new high school at. Because of this close proximity, Fuji regains hope that he will be able to win Ann's affections, despite the fact that she is seeing Daigo.

Shika Tsukishima

Fuji's younger sister and Ann's best friend.

Ayumu Narasaki

A girl who has unrequited feelings for Daigo. During a school field trip, Ayumu tries to separate Ann from Daigo by hiding Ann's precious keepsake, a sand hourglass that was given to her by Daigo, but gets yelled at by Daigo when Ann gets lost in the mountains. After returning to Shimane, Ayumu is determined to win Daigo's affections.

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