YMMV / Sand Chronicles

  • Angst? What Angst?: Ann desperately tries and sometimes successfully invokes this by doing her best to move on after mother's death and lead a happy normal life, however many of her eventual issues and flaws end up relating to it in some way. She's finally able to move on completely after her near-death experience.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Many fans prefer Ann with Fuji instead of Daigo, probably because Fuji's very considerate towards Ann. Fans were delighted when she finally (yet briefly) got together with Fuji, and were disappointed when she returned to Daigo in the end.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • A variant, as the scene is a flashback and shown to readers long after you know what happens; in an omake in volume 9 where it shows Fuji receiving a Christmas present from Ann who by then has broken up with Daigo, and at the end he thinks to himself, "God, Buddha, Santa, if you exist... please give me a future with her." The killer is that you know exactly that he won't get one with her.
    • A variant for the same reasons above, in the first bonus chapter in volume 9, which focuses on Miwako's past, a 20 year old Miwako happily announces to Hiroko (Daigo's mum) that she'll be moving with the man of her dreams (despite having just met him) to Tokyo - it's her relieved expression and her saying "I'm finally getting out of here!" that kills it, since readers know she'll eventually return to Shimane divorced and take her own life out of misery.
  • Ho Yay: In the bonus chapter focusing on best friends Miwako and Hiroko's past, Miwako describes the object of her Love at First Sight situation Masahiro (Ann's father) to Hiroko and says he's a bit like her, which pretty much says Hiroko is her type.
  • Tear Jerker: Have many moments, which is unsurprising considering the nature of the series.
    • Ann's mother Miwako committing suicide and the aftermath. One can't help but feel for Ann when she throws her hourglass at her picture at the funeral and yells at her, "You betrayed me!" Her crying in her grandmother's arms doesn't help. And then said grandmother also has a breakdown later on, blaming herself because she told Miwako to get a hold of herself when she really meant to tell her to do her best. Shows how awful someone can feel when one of their last words to their dead loved one weren't at all nice.
    • Ann's distress while contemplating whether to return to Tokyo or not - she doesn't want her dad to be lonely but also doesn't want to leave everyone in Shimane behind, especially Daigo. When she does decide to return, she has a rather bittersweet farewell with Daigo.
    • Shika first finding out she was the product of her mother's affair.
    • When Kaede makes a careless comment on how similar Fuji is to Miwako, which absolutely freaks Ann out and makes her worry that Fuji might suffer the same fate as her mother.
    • Ann and Daigo breaking up. Especially Daigo's devastated reaction, and Ann pretending she doesn't love him anymore when she's in fact only doing it because she loves him too much and thinks he'll be happier without her.
    • When Shika writes another letter to Ann and ends it with "My Brother really, really loves you." Ann tears up after reading it since at that point she's drifted apart from him, and they break up not long after receiving the letter.
    • In the chapter "Winter Age 26 - Prayer" (chapter 15), Ann visits the beach and nearly dies after accidentally cutting herself with glass. She dreams of her 12 year old self running after her mum, only to be stopped by Daigo. She then wakes up to her grandma crying and giving a You Are Not Alone speech.
    • In the Epilogue chapter (chapter 16), Ann and Daigo finally get back together after all their troubles. Definitely a Tears Of Joy moment.
    • In an omake in volume 9 where it shows Fuji receiving a Christmas present from Ann who by then has broken up with Daigo, and at the end he thinks to himself, "God, Buddha, Santa, if you exist... please give me a future with her." A bit of a Fridge Tearjerker because you know exactly that he won't get one with her.
    • In the last bonus chapter in volume 10, set at when Daigo is about 30, he recalls to his primary school teacher how devastating it was for him to come across a nearly-dying Ann at the beach and possibly face losing the love of his life.
  • The Woobie: Ann. At age 12 her parents divorce and she and Miwako move to the difficult country town Shimane. Soon afterward Miwako commits suicide which sends Ann into a Heroic B.S.O.D. for a few days. Years later, after much thinking, Ann painfully chooses to live with her dad in Tokyo for high school so she can keep him company and thus leaves Shimane. Despite her best efforts, this strains some of her relationships, especially with boyfriend Daigo. They have a fight and make up, but Ann then breaks up with him out of fear of tainting his happiness. She tries to move on and starts a relationship with Fuji who's liked her since the start, but it fails because she can't get over Daigo. Later she tries to get back together with Daigo, but he simply tells her to be strong and move on. At age 26 she finally finds love again and becomes engaged to Sakura - however his bad personality proves too much for her and when she brings it up he angrily breaks off the engagement. Afterward she is so depressed and emotionally a mess that she makes a spontaneous visit to the sand museum, except it's closed and so she decides to walk in the nearby the beach instead. She accidentally cuts herself with broken glass in the sand and lies there awaiting her death, which she narrowly misses. It's only at this point, after nearly 15 years of haunting her, that she can finally let Miwako's death go. And that's a brief outline.