Characters / O Human Star

Alastair Sterling
Al is the inventor who started it all.

  • "Awesome McCool" Name
  • Badass Mustache: No, those aren't upper lip wrinkles. That's a damn stache.
  • The Bear
  • Bi the Way: Possibly, since he's tried women before and Brendan was his first time with a man. Still, considering Al's heavy Gayngst, whether he is bi or was merely gay-in-denial is not yet established.
  • Blue Oni: To Brendan's Red Oni.
  • Carpet of Virility: Always conspicuously very hairy. Brendan's favorite part is the beard.note 
  • Form-Fitting Wardrobe: That shirt leaves nothing to the imagination.
  • Gayngst: There's no mistaking that Al loves Brendan and loves being around, frolicking with and being intimate with Brendan. But while Brendan is confident with himself and who he is, Al is a lot more concerned with what other people will think. Brendan wants to be Al's Closet Key, but Al has never consented to it.
  • Hot Men At Work/Hot Scientist: Especially to Brendan.
  • Hunk
  • Limited Wardrobe: Usually seen wearing the same trademark black shirt, which also happens to tightly hug his muscles. Notably, the shirt is usually one of the few seen objects that is never monochromatically red or blue, but rather a conspicuous brownish black. Then, when Al is resurrected, he is given only one set of clothes, including that shirt.
  • Manly Gay: Very much so, which makes Sulla's sex change all the more unnerving to Al. Brendan even wondered if Al had transgender tendencies that might have surfaced if he hadn't died — which only angered Al.
  • Mr. Fanservice: And he initially doesn't even realize it, but Brendan sure does. True enough, the comic constantly sprinkles fanservicy shots of Al's muscles and body hair, plus the occasional Shirtless Scene.
  • Parental Issues: Briefly mentioned, but he doesn't want to talk about it.
  • The Stoic
  • Straight Gay
  • Troubled, but Cute
  • Unkempt Beauty

Original Al

December 12, 1961 –- April 15, 2005

While he was alive, Al hid behind a tough and imposing exterior –- and after death he became a near-mythical figure among humans and robots alike.

Resurrected Al

February 2, 2021

Now that he has been mysteriously resurrected in a robot body, Al searches for answers from the only person who knew him as he really was.

  • Armored Closet Gay: ...and he's content that Brendan never told anyone.
  • Back from the Dead
  • Brain Uploading: Which raises lots of questions — if Brendan Pinksy, the world's leading expert on Brain Uploading (next to Al himself, of course) could only copy an inadequate template of Al when Al was dying (this template of course became Sulla), then who made this absolutely spot-on copy of Al — and when?
  • Cool Old Guy: Sulla adores him.
  • Famed In-Story: Now that he's Back from the Dead, no one is expecting him to be alive. In the public consciousness, Al is a late legend of robotics technology.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: Having pioneered most of the technology that is ubiquitous by 2021, Al thinks he can handle seeing what the world has become. Brendan thinks he isn't. Brendan was right.
  • Ridiculously Human Robot: It'd take a close-up look to tell that he's not human, which is a clue that whoever had his body made had some serious resources.
  • Robot Me
  • Soul Jar

Brendan Pinsky
July 24, 1978 —

Past Brendan

In his business partnership with Al, Brendan was seen as the ideas man –- the charismatic and ambitious spokesman who got people to care about their creations.

  • Genki Guy: Irrepressibly enthusiastic.
  • Likes Older Men: He really likes Al's mature older looks.
  • Manic Pixie Dream Guy
  • Megane(kko): Totally. He had plenty of endearing "glasses girl" moments, but then proved how masculine he could be as well.
  • The Perfectionist: Brendan did not know how to fail. But soon after Brendan was hired, Al pointed out that Brendan's lack of failure meant he hadn't learnt the meaningful lesson that some failures are inevitable, as well as how to deal with them.
  • Pretty Boy
  • Red Oni: To Al's Blue Oni.
  • The Twink: Subverted. Brendan certainly had the youthful age and body type. But when it came to men, he turned out not to have any of the stereotypical innocence of twinks. As it turned out, Brendan was far more experiened and confident than Al.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: Complete with the wide eyes.

Present Brendan

Since Al’s death, Brendan has matured into a shrewd inventor and a caring father who nonetheless shoulders a lot of regrets.

Sulla Pinsky
April 16, 2005 —

Sulla was the first robot created to perfectly resemble a human being –- Alastair Sterling — but she is still trying to figure out who she really is. A brilliant and sensitive mind in a teenage girl’s body, Sulla knows a lot is expected of her and tries her best to impress her creator, her hero, and her newfound friends.

  • Brain Uploading/Came Back Wrong: She was originally meant to be a copy of Alastair Sterling, but she was an incomplete copy, and had none of Al's memories. Through time, she started to grow up like a human child, and even requested a sex change. In the end the fact that she Came Back Wrong isn't a negative trait, as her Divergent Character Evolution made her a very unique character of her own.
  • Cloning Blues: Quite evident in Oh, Maker.
  • Fiery Redhead: Played With. While she is very much like this at home with Brendan (though not in any angry way), she is actually more of a Shrinking Violet in public, and doesn't really have friends.
  • Genki Girl: In stark contrast to Al's stoic nature.
  • Has Two Daddies: Neither Al nor Brendan describe Sulla as their daughter, but the two men keep finding themselves talking like parents in regards to her. Besides, she is their daughter — based on Al's initial template, and built and raised by Brendan.
  • Levitating Lotus Position: This.
  • Motor Mouth
  • Opposite-Sex Clone: Yes and no. She's a synthetic copy of Al in a similar way that robot!Al is a synthetic copy of Al, but she herself chose to become a girl.
  • Power Floats: Sulla can fly and levitate. But out and about in public where she can usually pass for human, she keeps her feet on the ground so as not to appear so conspicuously synthetic.
  • Red Oni: To Brendan's Blue Oni.
  • Replacement Goldfish: Originally intended to replace Al, but the result wasn't quite Al and couldn't replace him. Rather than replacing his lover, Brendan gained a daughter.
  • Ridiculously Human Robot: She's one of the world's most advanced synthetic beings, and knows it. She's not worried at all about passing for human — what she worries about is passing for female.
  • Robot Girl
  • Shrinking Violet: In public.
  • Someone to Remember Him By: Constantly reminds Brendan of Al.
  • Super Strength: Has been seen swinging around tables and couches with ease — and in flight.
  • Transgender: Started out as a boy, but requested to become a girl when she was 13. This caused Brendan to wonder if Al would have eventually done the same thing had he lived. Both facts are unnerving to robot!Al, who remains as masculine as ever.
  • Uncanny Family Resemblance: The first thing Al notices about Sulla, and the reason Brendan wanted to prepare Al before seeing her for the first time. Needless to say, Al is especially shocked that Sulla is a duplicate of him as a girl.
  • Walking Spoiler: Damn.