Characters / Ninety-Nine Nights

The characters of Ninety-Nine Nights and Ninety-Nine Nights II.

Ninety-Nine Nights







     Vigk Vagk 

Ninety-Nine Nights II


English: Troy Baker

Japanese: X

A former general of the now-destroyed kingdom of Goliath. He journeys to Orphea to confront the Lord of the Night. Known by some as the Celestial Wolf.


English: X

Japanese: X

The princess of Orphea. While the other heroes play a more direct role in the war, she embarks on a series of trials to inherit the Orb of Light.

  • Blow You Away: Her orb attack/spark has a wind theme.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Her weapons are essentially bladed tassels flowing from her sleeves.
  • Squishy Wizard: Has low health and the lowest attack but has a high affinity for magical abilities.


English: X

Japanese: X

The last of the Surveilants, guardians to Orphean royalty, who were wiped out by the Lord of the Night. Her loyalty to Sephia lies at odds with her fears of the war's outcome.


English: Steve Blum

Japanese: X

Hails from the Alcor, a race of Goblins. His kingdom was destroyed in the wake of the Lord of the Night. As one of the last of his race, he allies himself with Orphea to retrieve the Orb of Darkness and restore balance with the Orb of Light.


English: X

Japanese: X

Formerly the leader of a notorious band of thieves, his plundering days came to an end when he was imprisoned in Castle Orphea. With the threat of destruction to her kingdom, Sephia frees Maggni from his prison and begs him to lend a hand.

     Lord of the Night / Rolland 

English: X

Japanese: X

Wields the power of the Orb of Darkness. He invades Orphea to obtain the Orb of Light and ascend to godhood. He fought alongside Galen while he was still alive.

     The Dawn Witch / Kecilia 

English: X

Japanese: X

Faithful servant to the Lord of the Night. She stole the Orb of Darkness in order to bring him to life. Sephia's sister and former heir to the Orphean throne.