YMMV / Ninety-Nine Nights

  • Best Known for the Fanservice: The only thing most people remember about this game is the main character Inphyy.
  • Cliché Storm
  • Demonic Spiders: Giants and the exploding brain enemies in the sequel, more so in small spaces.
  • Goddamn Bats: Wizard, flying, cavalry, and curse-ghost enemies in the sequel.
  • Memetic Mutation: Tak Fujii's presentation of the sequel in E3 2010 has spawned quite some memes due to his Gratuitous English. Specifically his statement of Wan Mirion Torūpusu.note 
  • Moral Event Horizon: Inphyy crosses this line when she slaughters the villagers.
  • So Okay, It's Average: The general reception, due to being a lukewarm (and rather blatant) Dynasty Warriors clone whose story revolves around just about every generic fantasy trope in the book.
  • That One Boss: The Crystal Cave boss(es) in the sequel. They come early enough that you likely won't be able to kill them quickly, one of their attacks stick around while their core is able to be damaged. and they can just start spamming near-unavoidable attacks any time they like.
  • That One Level: Defending stages in the sequel. Dividing your attention between two or three simultaneously besieged locations is as difficult as it sounds. Keeping just one alive is a challenge, good luck defending all of them.
    • Maggni's final mission in the sequel is quite hard for a number of reasons: the entire level is a "defend the gate" mission, cavalry enemies with a large amount of health start spawning endlessly halfway through, and the final push to survive five minutes also brings out the unstaggerable giant enemies, including a gold giant with the Smash skill that will take out over half of your health on normal difficulty and outright kill you on hard. Defending the gate is just as hard as keeping yourself alive. To top it off, there are no checkpoints for this level.
  • This Is Your Premise on Drugs: Take 1 part Dynasty Warriors and 2 parts speed and crack, and sprinkle on a dash of WAN MIRRION TROOBS, you have a concoction for a game the likes of which surpasses any other beat-em-up game in sheer terms of gameplay horsepower!