Characters / Dive Quest

Characters of the RPG style story Dive Quest.

Beware of spoilers!

Muschio Malto

A former Volto prince who had the royal rug yanked out from under him, Muschio Malto seeks to regain that which he has lost to a revolution.


A goblin by birth and a tinkerer by trade, Finesse works for Muschio whipping up assorted gadgetry.


The d'awwable cutebold alchemist and hunter.


The silent type. A New Breed kobold, it's damn near impossible to get more than a few words out of him. Is a craftsman, and is cool as a cucumber. Desires to become a fisherman.


A female Nedynvor. Commanded a presence at the Tower of Olber.


Can hit people real hard and eats lava. Also a self-proclaimed ladies' man ogre.

Marjani "Ona" Openda

A Kepling witch doctor (doctoress? Witch nurse?) specializing in herbalism and voodoo. Has an extreme aversion to rape caves and getting hit in the "taco."

Geppa, aka Grey Fang

A gnoll.

Wes Fumo

A blacksmith. Apparently has self-esteem problems.


A bugfolk advisor.

Embraddeus, or "Emmy"

A demon from the monster portal. Is never not on fire.