Captain Obvious / Web Original

All examples found in content native to the internet which are not cartoons or comics are here!
  • The Annoying Orange has an onion actually named Captain Obvious. He does exactly what you'd expect him to do.
  • After Bob of Alice and Bob gets moved three spaces back in a Candy Land-esque board game.
    Alice: "Bob, you just got moved three spaces back. I think we're in a board game."
    Bob: "'Yeah, I kinda figured.' (People love to state the obvious)"
  • In The Angry Video Game Nerd episode on AVGN games:
    Nerd: "You know, there's been many games based on the Angry Video Game Nerd... which is me."
  • In Brad Jones' Demo Reel, Admiral Crackers suffers a drug overdose. Braddie says he blames the heroin addict (who left her bag out in the open), and Gretchen says "You think?".
  • This picture from Cheezburger.
  • Clippy/Clippit, the Microsoft Word assistant. "It looks like you're writing X."
  • From Cracked, regarding Harry "Breaker" Morant:
    "But one thing is for sure: Morant was either justified in the execution of two unarmed African prisoners and a German missionary, or he wasn't. We here at Cracked will stand by that statement adamantly."
  • Froge from Froghand considers this to be the case with one of Steam's selling points:
    "Steam syncs all your games". No shit. No fucking shit. If I log onto Google, it syncs all my preferences. If I log onto Neocities, it save all my sites. If I log onto my VPN, it saves my account information. If I log onto e621, it saves all my porn. No fucking shit that Steam saves all my games - that's what it's supposed to do! If it didn't, and I spent money on a product that I couldn't even use on my own account, then that would be scam, and then they would lose all of their business in a day because they didn't deliver on the goods that they are legally supposed to deliver.
  • Used in Egoraptor's flash series Girlchan in Paradise!!:
    Kenstar: Wow, she's so beautiful...
    Yusuke: You're only saying that because she looks exactly like a pretty girl.
    Kenstar: That would be why I said it.
  • A lot of the Hydraulic Press Channel's appeal derives from Lauri's extremely deadpan, broken-English, Finnish-accented way of stating the obvious, like when something explodes under his press.
    Lauri: (while filming a rollercoaster ride using his Go Pro) "I think my filming is bit shaky!"
  • The Irate Gamer falls into this at times, such as when he pointed out that if you get past level one, you'll advance to level two. He also likes to circle things that are in plain sight, notably main characters, enemies, and items that everyone can see.
  • In 40 Fascinating Facts about Money! by Matt Santoro, Matt mentions committing murder, and does an Evil Laugh. He then says, "That's not right".
  • The Other Wiki's article about ghost shirts: "The vests did not work as promised, and consequently 153 Lakota Sioux died, with 50 wounded and 150 missing at the Wounded Knee Massacre."
  • Nearly everyone that is allied with Winnie-the-Pooh in Pooh's Adventures. They often state the obvious of what's going on. One example is in Spongebob and friends go on a Quest for Camelot, where the knights bring in Lionel's body, one of them thinks that Kayley would be heart broken.
  • This little gem from Super Dickery.
  • Third Rate Gamer makes fun of The Irate Gamer's Captain Obvious sayings and circling of things in plain sight. TRG circles very easy to see things, to the point of circling the main character in Cool Spot with six arrows pointing at it. He also points out things the viewer can plainly see, like mentioning that each stage is harder than the last.
  • Captain Obvious is an Overly Long Gag on Uncyclopedia saying something obvious on every single Article. Captain Oblivious is probably also there, but he's not sure.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series: "Oh my god, a giant rock! It's a rock and it's giant!"
  • The tgchan quest AsteroidQuest's bonus material has an article for a certain alien race to maximize their chance of surviving decapitation. One paragraph about using Sign Language (since you're now deaf, mute and blind) warns about stating the obvious:
    Don't worry about any international hand signs for "please help my head is gone". [You are], in fact, already making the international sign for "help my head is gone". Your head is actually fucking gone and that's a much better signal than any silly gestures could ever hope to be.
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