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Awesome Music: Silent Hill
Basically every song in the entire Silent Hill series deserve a spot on this list. Just search up "Silent Hill OST" on youtube. Or you could just find some convenient playlists on "stripedlady's channel."

Credits where they're (usually) due: Akira Yamaoka — composer, Joe Romersa — arranger, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn — vocals

As of Silent Hill: Downpour, Akira Yamaoka has been (sadly for most Silent Hill fans) replaced by Daniel Licht, better known as the composer for the Showtime series Dexter.

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    Silent Hill 1 
  • Not Tomorrow, the song that plays during Lisa's reveal in the first game. It's just so haunting and melancholy.
  • "Esperadote", the theme song to the worst ending in the first game. It's a downright gorgeous, operatic theme, sex to your ears. Unusually for a Silent Hill game, the lyrics are in Spanish.

    Silent Hill 2 

    Silent Hill 3 

    Silent Hill 4: The Room 
  • Melancholy Requiem, the song right before Henry gets up from his bed.
  • Room of Angel. Plays briefly during the intro, as well as in Cynthia's death scene. Very melancholy and haunting, made even more so by the vocals.
  • Remodeling from 4. Its shifts from cacophonous to beautiful are abrupt, but mesmerizing.
  • "Waiting for You ~ Live at 'Heaven's Night' ~ is a beautiful song from the Silent Hill 4 soundtrack, encompassing the relationship between James and Mary from the second game.
  • "Cradle of Forest", the ending theme from Silent Hill 4, is Joe Romersa's final vocal contribution to the series, and perfectly captures Walter's childhood in the Wish House.
  • Tender Sugar, from the original soundtrack. A stripped version plays when Joseph Schreiber appears in Room 302 of the Past.
  • Your Rain, the full version from the original soundtrack.

    Silent Hill Origins 

    Silent Hill: Homecoming 

    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories 

    Silent Hill Downpour 


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