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Awesome: Silent Hill
  • Rose after a chat and seeming possession with Alessa storming back into the church and calling everyone present out on their hand in their own fate, pausing once for a look up at Sharon, but making sure they all knew: they were doomed, and it was their own fault. Kind of a blend of Mama Bear, Crowning Moment Of Awesome and The Plan.
    • Alessa tearing Christabella and the rest of her cult to pieces with barbed wire tentacles.
  • It's a subtle moment, but Thomas Gucci revealing the scars on his hands and remarking, "There are many different forms of justice; you got man's, God's, and even the devil's." This becomes even more awesome when it's revealed that he got the scars while rescuing Alessa from the fire, earning the soon-to-be reality warper's respect in the process.
  • Cybil, making up for what a pain in the ass she was earlier by taking on several of the cultists to allow Rose to escape, and beating the ever-loving fuck out of them (definitely killing one, too). Too bad it didn't work out for her.

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