Awesome Music / SimCity

  • If you're a fan of jazz music, then you can't go wrong with the soundtracks to pretty much every SimCity game since 2000. Their composer, Jerry Martin, is a genius. The songs are especially awesome due to the fact that they aren't just jazzy sounding melodies, but full, complete jazz songs, right down to the amazing improvs, which aren't generally used so completely in regular gameplay elsewhere (generally being only used for credits or special sequences and such), and they have a great band besides, especially in SimCity 3000:
  • While the literally horrifying graphics of SimCopter left much to be desired, the soundtrack went a long way towards making up for it. Some of the best tracks:
  • Streets of Sim City received the same Jerry Martin treatment in the music department. Despite the game being unfortunately riddled with Obvious Beta bugs that probably will never be fixed (since it was released back in 1997), the soundtrack actually manages to be even more memorable and awesome than the SimCopter score, and many of the songs were recycled into The Sims and even The Sims 3. Some notable examples: