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Awesome Music: Rap
  • Kool & The Gang. Nigh everything they've done is enough to make you jump up from your seat, but in off case that "Heaven At Once", "Jungle Boogie", "Hollywood Swingin'"," or "Celebration" weren't awesome enough for you, there's the utterly stunning "Light Of Worlds", with it's children's choir, steady sax, with rapid funk beats pushing you the whole way, all the while giving a message of unity to the world, from the America America forgot. Brilliant.
  • Outkast's "Hey Ya" is a fun upbeat dance tune. Folk band Obadiah Parker takes that and turns it into a plaintive lament that is so awesome its ridiculous.
    • To be fair, the original always had the same emotional impact in the lyrics, it just played the lyrical dissonance card pretty hard. It's even lampshaded in the song when Andre states that "You all don't wanna hear me, you just wanna dance"
    • Speaking of OutKast, "B.O.B." might just be the most epic hip-hop song ever written.
      • Heck, most of Stankonia, especially "Ms. Jackson" though.
    • Add Aquemini to the list of great OutKast albums with special mention going to "Rosa Parks", "SpottieOttieDopeliscious", and Return of the "G".
    • What happens when UGK and OutKast meet up over a classic soul sample? Pure magic.
  • They're very obscure, but Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip have a talent of mixing meaningful lyrics with awesome lyrics. Listen to the haunting "Magician's Assistant" or the Radiohead sampling "Letter From God To Man".
  • Earth Wind & Fire! Even though they're quite old now, good music never, ever gets old. Especially music like theirs. In particular, they were masters at taking sounds, riffs, melodies of all sorts, and making them work and flow together all at once. A perfect mix of soul, funk, pop, jazz and rock, and, most importantly, their words hit you strong. And they weren't half bad in concert either.
    • Not as well known as their other songs, but "Yearnin' Learnin'" is just as much a masterpiece, both for its soulful message and the boogie beat that sticks with you.
  • James Brown's "Get Up and Drive Your Funky Soul" (from the Motherlode album) is the ultimate piece of Funk.
  • Even the divisive Encore and Relapse have some gems hidden on them. From the former, you get Mosh, a political Anti-Bush anthem that is one of the angriest songs Em has ever recorded, and from the latter, you get Deja Vu, featuring one of Dr. Dre's best beats to date. There's more, but those are just a few highlights.
  • This page cannot exist without Funkadelic's "Maggot Brain".
  • Somebody say HEYYYYYYY, WE WANT SOME PUUUUUSSS-SAYYYYY!!!! C'mon, you can't deny the 2 Live Crew makes danceable and highly sex-fueled dirty rap, a notable example being the aforementioned "We Want Some Pussy", the kicker of their debut album.
  • Not only thanks to its catchy hook, "Oh Shit" by The Pharcyde is easily one of alternative hip hop's best tunes of all time, also thanks to its unadulteratedly hilarious lyrics.
  • "Push It To The Limit". Just listening to it makes you feel unstoppable.
  • Girl Talk takes overplayed hip-hop and fuses it with classic pop/rock. And it sounds awesome. Paranoid Android and Jay-Z?
  • Fort Minor (aka, Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park)
  • The entirety of rap supergroup Deltron 3030's self-titled concept album. Del tha Funkee Homosapien has never been better.
  • Internet rapper DZK - known for his sites on YTMND as well as his incredibly vulgar yet witty rap style - gets a CMOA after making "VA Tech Aftermath (Still Ballin')". Written in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, it was a response to Cho Seung Hui's anti-capitalism and anti-wealth manifesto. The response? A whole list of ways he'd spend massive amounts of money to spite Cho's senseless violence.
  • "Fifty In Five", the last track on Hilltop Hood's latest album, is the last fifty years of world history summed up in one five-and-a-half minute track.
  • Reks' "25th Hour" is lyrical excellence. Actually, Reks in general is a great rapper.

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