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In general, thanks to the live orchestration, it's a little tempting to link the whole thing. Yuzo Koshiro really blew it out of the park this time.

  • Battlefield - Storm is the normal fight music for the early dungeons. And when that's just the normal fight music...
  • The second battle music, Battlefield - Faith is my Pillar is even better, with a great mixture of moods interwoven with incredible composition that makes the piece tireless to listen to.
  • The Burning Crimson Sword Dances is easily one of the best boss themes in the series.
  • All of the music in the Scarlet Pillars land is great; The Red Stone Forest lets you know you aren't dinking around in kiddie land anymore, Led Astray In The Lost Woods is suitably grim-sounding for places like the poison-filled first cave where you must find the fuel to make the skyship go higher, and The Misty Ravine balances the mystery, wonder and danger of the second dungeon perfectly.
  • On that note, of course, Windy Plains is also fantastic as music for the first overworld area; you've got an AIRSHIP! And you're going on ADVENTURES! And then you get punched by a kangaroo.
  • The fourth dungeon theme, Library of Puppets, is an extraordinary piece that opens with a synth line before introducing a hard rocking guitar melody as the synth fades into the background, then the guitar is replaced by a saxophone before the synth comes back into prominence. It's fitting accompaniment to the raised stakes of the story's penultimate dungeon.
  • So you liked "End of the Raging Waves"? You did? Well, how about End of the Raging Winds? Warning: your ears are probably not ready for this.
  • The Legend's Successor, the theme for The Heavenbringer.
  • What better way to introduce players to the Difficulty Spike that is the Hall of Darkness than With Eyes Blazing as the normal battle music?
  • The frantic pace of The Fall of The Final Enemy, especially in the opening, perfectly sums up what it feels like to run afoul of a FOE.

Etrian Odyssey Untold

In general, the whole game made the music from the original game come alive and it shows.

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