Headscratchers / Etrian Odyssey

  • In Heroes of Lagaard, whenever you send off one of your guild members to do something for the duchy, they automatically make your team wait at the bar until they finish. But there's an in-game clock, and it never advances when they're working. Even if the dialogue implies they've been gone for hours... If they leave at, say, 6 PM on Emperor 7, they come back at 6 PM on Emperor 7. Why didn't they just have that member 'leave' for a set amount of in-game time? You could still go off and do other things with the rest of your team, and there wouldn't be this sense that time stands still whenever one of your members goes off to work solo.
  • Why do people act as if it's a big spoiler and Plot Twist that Etrian Odyssey series takes place in a post-apocalyptic world? It's established in the original game's manual and intro trailer. The twist is that the world before the apocalypse was a technological world, not another magical world.
    • Actually, the twist is that the pre-apocalypse world was our world.
      • True, but I wasn't aware of that at the time, plus that's an even heftier spoiler.
  • Why does the pink haired Landsknecht always have one of his eyes closed? Is he straining himself? Or does he only have one eye?
    • Maybe they snapped his picture at the wrong moment? Really, it's up to the player what they want to make of that. Same with the busty Arbalist and Buccaneer — either of them could be winking, or missing an eye...
  • So just what the hell is up with the Hollows? Are they just surprisingly well organized monsters? Former Vessels that were somehow corrupted by an unknown force? Or something else?
    • This gets explained in the sixth strata. They are the third of three races created by the Yggdrasil survivors to help reestablish society. The Hollows, having only one communal mind, were the only of the three races who remembered their origins; hence why they attempted to bring the Medium back to Yggdrasil.
  • There's something in the story mode in Untold: How did Visil NOT know about Gladsheim and everything there, and why was the formula not in MIKE's database? The project was a worldwide one, so there has to have been communication between the facilities. Not to mention if Visil was the head of the project, he must have known about the stuff going on in Gladsheim, as he probably had to green-lit the cryosleep and the missile.
    • Perhaps those memories were lost in The Fog of Ages, or were covered up when The Yggdrasil core began brainwashing beings connected to Yggdrasil to protect it instead of working to destroy it.
  • The reward for one hundred percent completion in the original game is the Radha's spokesperson telling you that Etria is going to decline since you've uncovered all the Labyrinth's mysteries. That's just wrong; now that the place has been fully catalogued, it's going to turn into a resource extraction center, and that's before you get archeologists, architects and historians excavating Tokyo.
    • Additionally, the adventurers wouldn't even be out of a job, since they would still be needed to gather monster-related resources and protect any non-combatants that want to research it. Instead of declining, it's very likely that Etria will become the place to be if you want to work in a combat, medical, scientific, or historical field!
  • How do skyships work in Legends of the Titan? More specifically, how do they get to where you are when you jump from town to caves, or vice versa, or when you use warp items (especially Threads)? Is there some sort of autopilot feature that conveniently bypasses all those nasty FOEs and dragons on the map, or is there some sort of unexplained teleportation technology onboard the ship? At least jumping to or from poles can be explained by overworld poles working the same way as their dungeon equivalents but for larger volumes.
  • So...is Cross the Grand Finale of the series? A major component of the series is mapmaking with the stylus, and the 3DS may well be Nintendo's final resistive-touchscreen system. I can't see Etrian Odyssey cartography working on the Switch's capacitive touchscreen which requires fingers or a specific type of stylus, the former being relatively imprecise and the latter not being a particularly popular purchase amongst smart-device or Switch owners. Not to mention, even if such a feature was implemented, it would effectively make the game handheld-only, something that I'm sure many Switch owners would be displeased about.