Funny: Etrian Odyssey

Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan

  • At the end of the mini-comic that comes with the artbook, there's a panel that has characters from previous games representing the It's Easy, so It Sucks side of the fanbase protesting the new Casual difficulty. They're all Bound and Gagged in an alley near the Adventure Duo while still holding their pickets.
  • Wynne's infamous Maze 1, B2F line:
    Wynne: "But I gotcha back when it comes ta weapons and armor! I gotta lady boner harder dan steel for dat stuff!
  • Kirtida's response to the moth egg quest from the same game, after you accept it.
    • And when you turn in the quest, this starts playing.
  • After you unlock the final class, one appears as a patron at the bar, where he goes on how an Imperial knight's drive blade is as important as his life, and it's vital for their honor to fight using it and it alone... A moment later, though, he admits he was just trying to sound cool and the truth is that they're too damn heavy to dual-wield with anything.

Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl

  • In The Millennium Girl, Simon and Raquna enter Frederica's cryogenic sleep chamber from the nearby room. How does Arthur join in? By crashing through the ceiling window.
  • Some of the response options qualify. You could have the Highlander want to lie down in Frederica's cryogenic pod after meeting everyone, or you could have him eat the Crabapples you got for a quest, in response to your client telling you to hand them over.
    • When Raquna's family sends her (and you, through association) an ice-cream maker, the party tries it out at once, but isn't doing too well by the time you are given a Dialogue Tree. The last suggestion, making Arthur use his ice magic on it, encases the whole cream maker in an ice block. Cue Simon Facepalming.
    • One event has Raquna getting her leg stuck in a ditch because of her armor. One of the options is get the ground wet, which obviously wouldn't work, and upon selecting this options you do it by pouring your drink on her leg. This accomplishes nothing, and sends you back to the original dialogue options, letting you do the exact same thing again.
  • In the artbook that comes with the preorder of the game, there's the comic where Frederica needs some real food. When Raquna cooks and everyone digs in, Frederica gets poisoned due to Raquna being a Lethal Chef, and Simon, of all people, is calling for a Medic.
  • Arthur explains how his alchemy works in Buffy Speak:
    Arthur: I just go "Zoom!" and it goes "Whoosh!" and then "Bam!" and the enemies are like "Noooooo!" and I'm all "Hahaha!"
    Arthur: It's easy! Just roll it out like 'bam!' then tie it down like 'wham!' and then you lie down like 'oooooh!'
  • There's an event in the second stratum where a character in the party can Vine Swing. If the Highlander or a character in Classic Mode does it, after his or her TP is restored, you have the option to have that character yell! Enemies ambush the party if you choose "Yes".
  • There's an old sword in the first Stratum the party can find. If you bring it into the bar and talk with one of the regulars who owned that sword, he will ask for it back. When you give it to him, the game tells you in "[Party member] does X" format that he grabs the sword and hugs it.
  • After beating the Bonus Boss Alraune you can get a dialogue choice where you say that the boss was cute, exasperating the rest of the team.

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