Funny / Etrian Odyssey

Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan

  • At the end of the mini-comic that comes with the artbook, there's a panel that has characters from previous games representing the It's Easy, so It Sucks side of the fanbase protesting the new Casual difficulty. They're all Bound and Gagged in an alley near the Adventure Duo while still holding their pickets.
  • Wynne's infamous Maze 1, B2F line:
    Wynne: "But I gotcha back when it comes ta weapons and armor! I gotta lady boner harder dan steel for dat stuff!
  • Dalla wishes to celebrate your progress for making it into the Scarlet Pillars. Remember that she has a portrait with a hearty smile while she says...this.
    Dalla: I think a celebration is in order. We just got a fine ostrich, so I'll go out back and wring its neck for you.
  • Kirtida's response to the moth egg quest, after you accept it. She put the quest's description way too high so no one else would see it. She is absolutely terrified of the thought of you bringing the egg to her that she implores you to not try too hard.
    • And when you turn in the quest, this starts playing.
  • After the Sentinels start to inhabit Tharsis, a Vessel becomes jealous that one of them joined with his guild and has become the center of attention...and then he exclaims that he's jealous because he wants to have and pet their fur so badly.
  • After you unlock the final class, one appears as a patron at the bar, where he goes on how an Imperial knight's drive blade is as important as his life, and it's vital for their honor to fight using it and it alone... A moment later, though, he admits he was just trying to sound cool and the truth is that they're too damn heavy to dual-wield with anything.
  • How Dalla deals with a very picky guest after you have gathered all of the food ingredients to satisfy him.

Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl

  • In The Millennium Girl, Simon and Raquna enter Frederica's cryogenic sleep chamber from the nearby room. How does Arthur join in? By crashing through the ceiling window.
  • Some of the response options qualify. You could have the Highlander want to lie down in Frederica's cryogenic pod after meeting everyone, or you could have him eat the Crabapples you got for a quest, in response to your client telling you to hand them over.
    • When Raquna's family sends her (and you, through association) an ice-cream maker, the party tries it out at once, but isn't doing too well by the time you are given a Dialogue Tree. The last suggestion, making Arthur use his ice magic on it, encases the whole cream maker in an ice block. Cue Simon Facepalming.
    • One event has Raquna getting her leg stuck in a ditch because of her armor. One of the options is get the ground wet, which obviously wouldn't work, and upon selecting this options you do it by pouring your drink on her leg. This accomplishes nothing, and sends you back to the original dialogue options, letting you do the exact same thing again.
  • In the artbook that comes with the preorder of the game, there's the comic where Frederica needs some real food. When Raquna cooks and everyone digs in, Frederica gets poisoned due to Raquna being a Lethal Chef, and Simon, of all people, is calling for a Medic.
  • Arthur explains how his alchemy works in Buffy Speak:
    Arthur: I just go "Zoom!" and it goes "Whoosh!" and then "Bam!" and the enemies are like "Noooooo!" and I'm all "Hahaha!"
    Arthur: It's easy! Just roll it out like 'bam!' then tie it down like 'wham!' and then you lie down like 'oooooh!'
  • There's an event in the second stratum where a character in the party can Vine Swing. If the Highlander or a character in Classic Mode does it, after his or her TP is restored, you have the option to have that character yell! Enemies ambush the party if you choose "Yes".
  • Anytime Valerie the pub owner shudders whenever the requests involve getting materials out of bugs.
  • Making Frederica turn really red on the face when pointing out her concern for Simon walking (and talking) while reading from his book.
    • It happens again when she wishes to be called with an Affectionate Nickname and you end up choosing the option, "Alright, Frederica." The rest of the team is visibly disappointed.
  • The pub owner asks you if it's so easy to disguise as herself. Say yes and she warns you not to do it.
  • There's an old sword in the first Stratum the party can find. If you bring it into the bar and talk with one of the regulars who owned that sword, he will ask for it back. When you give it to him, the game tells you in "[Party member] does X" format that he grabs the sword and hugs it.
  • Arthur happily compares Austin to Simon. If you agree with him, you can tell Simon is slowly slipping into Tranquil Fury...
  • Valerie, in a post game quest, asks you to go fix the "el-lava-tore".
  • After beating the Bonus Boss Alraune you can get a dialogue choice where you say that the boss was cute, exasperating the rest of the team.
  • Shilleka snippily comments "Next time, you should buy something" if you enter and leave her shop without doing anything else.

Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight

  • Any dialogue choice that makes Flavio feel like a Butt Monkey.
    • Notable mentions are how Hanna and Quona compliment him. Hanna says that he's so useful around the house that he will become a very good housewife that Arianna compliments him, which he is initially embarrassed of before complaining about being a housewife (made even worse when Hanna comments no woman likes a complaining husband, which further drags him down). Quona admires his skills that she is set on becoming just as good as him, prompting Arianna to root for her to defeat and give him a good trashing. Flavio is horrified.
  • Arianna's utter lack of fear the first moment the familiar deer FOE shows up. She's more excited with the fact they can get a good load of venison from it until Flavio pulls her back from la-la land.
  • The reason why Chloe wants to tag along with the protagonist and the others? She wants to study his transformation because it looks cool.
  • Lines uttered when a party member is confused are often this and borderline terrifying at the same time. Arianna's and Chloe's, on the other hand, are just plain hilarious.
    Arianna: Off with their head!
    Chloe: IT'S FUN! SO MUCH FUN!
    • There are a few more great lines in battle. For example, one of the possible lines when the party comes across a shiny:
    Chloe: A rare one... I want it.
    • There's also one of Chloe's lines if the party battles a boss:
    Chloe: Come at us! ...That's what Trand said.
  • During the fifth floor of the labyrinth, a drunken customer at the bar mocks Arianna into having her serve him another drink. Flavio is initially disgusted and Arianna is slightly put off by him...before worrying that he is so helpless to order and going on a long list of healthy recommendations to help the drunk sober up with snacks. The drunk is left speechless and meekly thanks her while Flavio is surprised the oblivious girl utterly embarrassed him without meaning to.
  • Flavio's extreme fear of spiders while investigating the second floor of Ginnungagap. Of course, you can tease him, which at one point disgusts Bertrand.
  • Hanna the innkeeper jokingly commenting how explorers compared her to the 2nd Stratum's Flame Demon and that she thinks it's just a big beautiful woman like she is instead of a grotesque monster. Then you find out said boss is indeed chubby and is a female...
  • The various scenes from developing new dishes are a constant source of these, thanks in no small part to Regina's put-upon reactions to the party's various shenanigans.
    • Upon successfully developing the Horse Bao, Chloe and Flavio quickly scarf down the two buns that Regina prepared... only for her to point out that she thought that those two, split up, would be enough for the whole group. Flavio, of course, quickly stammers out an apology, at which point you get to choose one of two responses: "I won't forgive you.", or "I won't EVER forgive you."
    • After creating the Fried Whole Spider, the first thing Flavio does is fainting at the sight of it. On his behalf, Bertrand translates his reaction to "What the hell is this!?" Afterwards, when suggesting Regina to feed it to Flavio to get him over his fear, Bertrand once more on his behalf says "Don't".
    • The kicker about the Fried Whole Spider in particular is that you can suggest it to Abigail for something to please her father during his birthday. Flavio is very quick to opposing the idea.
  • In the fourth stratum, there's a room where you can choose to kick a rock. If you do, it bounces off a tree and hits you square in the head for a bit of damage. But if you press A again, you get the option to "challenge" it. Something that isn't lost on Flavio. If you do, you're given multiple options, including using your sixth sense to dodge it. If you choose that, the Fafnir Knight closes his eyes, anticipates the rock, and dodges it by half an inch. Everyone showers him with praise for dodging it...except Bertrand, who says he almost got excited because you dodged a pebble you kicked yourself.
  • Chloe's utter obsession with the bird people of the fourth stratum. She constantly looks for a way to have them carry and fly her around.
  • The quest "A Dinner for One" has you collect some really unhealthy ingredients to cook together for a wife to cook to her husband. Cass at first believes there is a way to make these highly lethal ingredients from being poisonous and the like. When you do deliver the ingredients and the woman runs off with them, Cass finds out in a cooking book that mixing them all together are meant to straight out kill the eater. He runs out and manages to talk down the woman from he and the guild becoming accomplices to her actions... Turns out she wanted to teach her husband a lesson for being with another woman behind her back.
  • Reaching the highest point of the fourth stratum, the group takes a little rest, fascinated how high up they are and that the view must be amazing, though Bertrand and Flavio are opposed to getting too close to the edges of the floor... It's only then they notice Chloe was leaning too far out trying to touch a cloud behind them they all pull her back to safety, much to her chagrin. After Arianna wonders what a cloud feels like, you can encourage her to do the same, which excites her so much Flavio has to remind them all Chloe was about to fall down from a big height.
  • The Labyrinth Housekeeping quest. You're told to clean out branches from growing abnormally large to block out the sun below. Only you need to cut down 2 branches but you can cut an extra one. Cutting an extra one the size of a huge tree causes it to plummet down to the city. Once reporting to Cass, he is quite happy to hear a fellow he didn't like that much got a huge hole the size of a tree in his house thanks to that extra branch you couldn't pick that he rewards you with double the reward amount.
  • In the fifth stratum, the group comes across a large box (noted to be sturdier than Flavio, who complains about the fact). Arianna happens to read whatever it's on it and deduces it's food, including the last one that sounds extremely gibberish to comprehend. In the background, Flavio looks exasperated.
  • Marion doesn't work too well with beasts all because she is deathly afraid and can't stand them. Even dressing up as one is enough to make her yelp.
  • Some of the post game content.
    • By now you should be familiar with a guild member named Tramonte going to big lengths to please her beloved Lilly to take a shine to him. His friend Marmott is always worrying about the hopeless guy risking his life every time a new stratum opens up. Then Marmott casually reveals Lilly is a bear beast.
    • Marion taking off her helmet to reveal the scar revealed by the fire dragon that decimated her whole guild. This is not funny on itself, but it is when you apparently enter the building without knocking on the closed door and she doesn't have it on. She's flustered, and you can even inquire her if she was teasing you.
  • The Story Mode extra Voice Clips (which are better off being listened to rather than reading them here):
    • At the 1st Stratum, Chloe gathers way too many rocks and tells the others the are different shapes like cats and meats. Only Arianna somehow is able to believe they do look like those.
    • At the 2nd Stratum, the group rests for a bit, so Arianna came prepared with Tarot Cards of all things. Flavio hushes her to put them away.
    • At the 4th Stratum, Flavio gets allergies and sneezes. None of them is too worried about him going ill but rather they find his sneezes very cute-sounding, much to his dismay.
    • At the 5th Stratum, Chloe is so amazed by the castle that Bertrand warns her not to make a nest. Flavio laughs and tells him not to joke about that. But apparently Chloe was already making a nest, so he suggest to move quickly so she doesn't get the chance.
    • At the same place, Flavio get sick thinking about falling down all the way from the fifth stratum, but Bertrand says not to dwell on it. Arianna then points out that it would take them too long to hit the ground if they fell, and Chloe calmly reassures them they would just hit a branch on the way down.
    • Flavio complaining that the first floor is way too dangerous, suggesting them to stay cautious. Right after, Arianna wanders off, distracted by the area.
    • Arianna checking Flavio's mapping skills and complementing how it looks so peculiar. He sheepishly reveals it is just a doodle.
    • Flavio and Arianna whispering to each other how mystic Ginnungagap looks like, right before Flavio says "it makes you whisper for some reason."
    • Bertrand taking his time to catch up with them inside the temple. Arianna admires how he has his own pace, but Flavio knows she's being too nice.
    • Hanna commenting how Arianna reminds her of herself when she was young. Instead of freaking out at the implications, Arianna believes she will become a good mother.
    • Bertrand commenting on Flavio and Hanna's laundry skills by saying he's going native.
    • Hanna chewing out Bertrand (in her own way) that he needs to be a good father to Chloe, with him denying he's not her father.
    • Arianna and Abigail getting into girl talk with the former showing the latter her hair product. Bertrand complains that is all they need for them to talk for a long while.
    • Bertrand not wanting to shop but rather take a good nap. Abigail kindly suggests him a medicine that helps the taker never wake up again to have a pleasant nap. He is horrified at a loss of words.
    • Abigail hurriedly tells Chloe not to break anything in the shop. Chloe promises it, but then she asks "can this spin? ...Oh." Followed by Abigail's lamenting to her dad.
    • Arianna fawning, which stresses Regina since she gets in the way. It's not because the food Regina makes is delicious, but because she simply admires Regina's style.
    • Regina kindly tells the group that she is thankful to have them fund the cafe, but it's no excuse to have "that lazy old man" take a whole seat to sleep.
    • Arianna casually finds Chloe tied up to a chair, much to Flavio's surprise, and Chloe says she was punished. An angry Regina tells them she snuck into the kitchen and started feeding herself, leading Regina punishing her. Chloe exasperates her even more by showing no remorse and saying "it was delicious."
    • Arianna asking Cass in wonder where he got that ingredient for cooking, which makes him ask what they feed her. As Flavio says they're equally confused, Chloe then says "even I can't eat rocks."
    • Arianna thanking Marion for helping her out at exploring stuff since she was very inexperienced. Flavio comments he was scared if Arianna would go on a trip alone if it hadn't been for Marion stepping in to talk to her one-on-one, prompting Bertrand to say, "she's got guts."
    • Chloe being amazed by the explorers visiting the Explorers Guild, which makes Marion suggest her to leave them alone and not wander off. Chloe being Chloe, she starts running away to go talk to people, stressing Marion and asking them where her guardian is. Flavio then tells Bertrand she was talking about him, to which he hisses "tell her he ain't here."
    • Chloe being too forward and asking Minister Dubious about his mustache and how he takes care of it, horrifying Flavio.
  • In one of the idle skits at the restaurant, Regina sings to herself before realizing you're there, and adamantly saying that you heard nothing.
  • The Ultimate Winged Warrior DLC has plenty of moments:
    • The fact Cass can't believe there's a giant talking chicken at all.
    • The fact there really is a giant talking chicken who is pretty eloquent and dramatic in his quest to prove he is the ultimate fighter by picking fights with others. Bertrand simply summarizes it as "so you're just like any monster."
    • The fact it's Patrick Seitz putting up a chicken Verbal Tic.
  • The Hot Springs DLC is like a trainwreck of perversion.
    • Arianna and Chloe decide to go into the newly dug spring first to try it out, the boys leave out the door. Flavio has trouble trying to hide his thoughts on the matter despite trying to play the respectful innocent type to the point Bertrand even lampshades it and gives him the nickname "Pervio". The protagonist can even suggest peeking on them, to Flavio flabbergasting over it.
    • Bertrand is proven right, when the girls come under attack in the spring forcing the boys to intervene, Flavio's first thought ISN'T on the enemy in front of them and instead on Arianna's naked front being exposed during the fight. She of courses politely rectifies the frog came from the back and not from the front, to Flavio's exasperation.