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Awesome: Table Top Games
The roll of the die can sometimes create something unexpected. Something awesome. This is the place where all great playthroughs are archived.

Games with Their Own Pages
  • Traveller
    • Traveller is full of interesting Moments of Awesome written into the sourcebooks. Here are some of them.
      • Merchant Prince Marc Oberlindes contrives to buy a large ship from the Imperial government and recommission her as a freighter for traveling in Vargr territory. As this area is full of Space Pirates Oberlindes somehow arranges for the Imperial government to "forget" that there is still military grade weaponry on it. With this the ship, now named the Emissary sails right through hordes of pirates, laughing all the way.
      • At another time, Marc Oberlinde's son, Sergai is held captive. Marc recruits a band of mercenaries to rescue him.
      • The Battleship Gram, a transport containing several divisions of soldiers and a few smaller ships are trapped when they hear the Earth government they were fighting for had been overthrown. In response they sail all the way through Aslan territory to found the Sword Worlds.
      • In Alien Races 4 a Bwap, a member of a race famous for it's enthusiasm for bureaucracy, stops a mother with a baby in a line of tourists by claiming her ID was faulty. This causes a jam-up in the line behind her and diverts considerable attention, not to mention wrath. While everyone is busy arguing with the Bwap, Imperial police snipers sneak up on some terrorists in the line and catch them. Later the Bwap gives the mother part of his reward as recompense for the unwitting part she played in his Batman Gambit.
      • The whole Intersteller Wars; Planet Terra taking over the entire Vilani Imperium.
  • Dark Heresy
    • The Guy Who Cried Grendel: a story about an Adept that initially makes the luckiest die roll ever, and kills a Charnel Demon at level 2 with a knife (he rolled ten consecutive 10s and then a 9). This is not the most awesome thing he does. After many victories against the forces of Chaos, he becomes a Living Saint, armed with a knife that terrifies the followers of Khorne.
      • What's more, it even made it into canon.
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