Awesome / Pacificators

  • Muneca’s introduction - she immediately mopped the floor with the much larger bodyguards without breaking a sweat.
    Cinna: Once the doll starts dancing, it’s best to stay out of the way.
  • Muneca called the Muscovite captain’s bluff by using her gravity power to pull down one end of the ironclad ship and then letting go.
  • Yet another one for Muneca (and one for Taffe as well) when they get to show off their stuff. No gravity plus strong wind? You do the math.
  • Larima finally shows up.
  • Enlil managed to hold off Larima, an Elite-ranked Pacificator.
    • Later, she fought Kathy Lee, another Elite-ranked Pacificator, to a standstill.
  • Remember how Enlil successfully stalled two Elite-ranked Pacificators? Daryl, a novice-ranked Pacificator who’ve only just started learning how to use her power, defeated Enlil... twice.
    Cinna: You even took down Enlil few times! Those with air powers are tough to beat!
  • Muneca shows us, yet again, why she’s the Big Girl of the platoon; in a The Gloves Come Off moment, Muneca single-handedly took down Yuma.
    • Larima kept him down - there’s an difference.
  • Surprisingly, one for Enrique when he blackmails both Bismun and Qamra - while he was being backed to a wall, nonetheless.
    Bismun: If I wasn’t a Pacificator, I’d have wrung your neck!
    Larima: Please excuse him for his outburst.
    Enrique: It’s fine. He was an old friend after all.
  • Queen Belinda calls out on Nozomi, which as far as we know, have never happened before.
  • Aphrodite finally managed to cloak two objects at the same time, thus enabling her to set out a trap for Muneca... specifically, a Pie in the Face.
  • Daryl has gotten to the point where she could stop a fight between Muneca and Cinna in an instant. Remember, she’s a seventeen-year-old girl (she just had her birthday) who’ve been out of school for only a few months and not yet trained as a Pacificator at all, whereas Muneca and Cinna are both adults, 22 and 21 years old respectively, and fully-trained Pacificators.
  • Remember that first mission Daryl gave herself back in her Welcome Episode to get back the book the owner of Tough Fish Cafe had stolen from the “clown musicians?” Well, thanks to that mission, the Cafe hired those musicians, and as a result, it became the most famous restaurant in the entire Iberian Peninsula! Because of this, Daryl now gets the best seating, music of her choosing, and free food any time she comes to Tough Fish Cafe.
    Taffe: Looks like you’re now famous.
    Travis: Now you’re a heroine!
  • Bismun’s gamble of creating a squad full of T-Pacificators finally paid off in the awesomest way possible as Muneca, Larima, and Taffe harmonized their powers to stop the Preservers from escaping on the boat. How? Muneca shifted around gravity, thus enabling Larima to rise the water up - and Taffe using wind for stabilizing - under the boat, catching it in a whirlpool going up. Everybody’s disbelieving faces said it all.
    • They even moved the boat back to the dock, and gently laid it there!
  • Daryl discovers how to use solar power to sting and stun people; she’s implied to be the first one ever to figure out how to do so.
  • Another one for Platoon 113 when they caught one of the cannonballs firing towards them, and returned fire at the Muscovite ironclad ship.
    • There’s a reason Shiva said that Platoon 113 was the most powerful platoon ever assembled, especially once they get teamwork down pat.
  • A Big Damn Heroes moment as Taffe (with Muneca’s help) came to Daryl’s recuse, kicking the Shadow Sleuth in the face.
  • Turns out Daryl learned her wrestling moves from a goat.
  • Muneca, as a young girl, once tried to walk on the water. It didn't work... but it appears that she does figure it out eventually, as we see in chapter 40. Tiamat was, naturally, shocked.
    • Thanks to her power of gravity, Muneca is able to do some neat tricks with water.
  • Enlil challenges Ferdinand Cook to overcome his fear of women. He does so. (Or at least, took a step in that direction. As we discover in later chapters, he's still uneasy around women.)
  • Breanne, who is a mere Commander, mouthed off to the Chancellor. That small lady sure is gutsy.
  • Taffe endured an amplified loud noise stoically - most likely because she is deaf, so she is apparently able to shake off noise-based injuries much more easily - and turned around the tables on Hermes.
  • Daryl shows us yet again how observant she really is, when she realized that they're being tricked by Osiris' reflection (the boat's serial numbers is backwards), and was able to warn the platoon before Enlil's attack hit them.
    • Taffe also gets credit, because she reacted pretty fast - she had almost hit the dock floor by the time Enlil's gust hit them, whereas the others were still befuddled (discounting Daryl, who had also dropped).
  • In chapters 39 and 40, Daryl has turned into quite the scrapper. She've been learning!
  • Remember how Shiva easily defeated Egmond in a sword duel? Well, turns out Bismun is Shiva's superior - Shiva had to be rescued by Tiamat.
  • As awesome as Daryl were in chapters 39 and 40, Muneca really got to show off her stuff. That woman is unstoppable once she gets going!
  • Taffe, with her speciality being in Make Me Wanna Shout, isn't very strong at her Blow You Away moves, but she was able to stall Enlil - remember, Enlil is a very powerful user of the wind, ranked at a 8 - by bringing her attack to a standstill. (Also, we get to see the sisters in action - every time Enlil used her wind power to push Taffe underwater, Larima brings her back up.)
    • Taffe also considerably annoys Enlil with her constant Make Me Wanna Shout attacks. It's safe to say, at the end of this fight, that Taffe is now one of Enlil's least favorite people, up there with Daryl.
  • Larima sends Hermes skidding off the pier, via an icy layer, and then she halts Khnum's progress in unlocking the chains keeping the boat tethered by rusting the metal.
  • When Tiamat shows up and distracted the platoon, Enlil takes advantage of the situation by blowing Taffe and Cinna into the water for the second time, and hurling Daryl into Muneca.
  • Apparently, Tiamat is really good - she stopped Taffe, Cinna (with help from Shiva), and Bismun. (Even though she wasn't able to stop Muneca.) Judging by the look of shock on her face when Larima nullified her attack, she've never met an equal in the power of water before now.
  • Platoon 113 has a "fire suppress combo" in which they extinguish the flames.
  • Another one for Tiamat: when Larima encased her in a ring of ice, she grabbed it and turned it to her advantage. That's some quick thinking.
  • However, Larima managed to surprise Tiamat; she beaned her with a snowball.
    Cinna: That was awesome. [Larima] took [Tiamat] out with a snowball!
    • And she did it while using her power to keep herself floating, since she can't swim. That's right, Larima managed to keep focus despite nearly drowning and defeated a really tough rival.
  • With slight help from Tiamat, Rendo took down three of the platoon at once - Cinna, Muneca, and Taffe. Sure, we're rooting against him, but that's still an awesome moment for him.
  • According to Cinna, one time Larima, Taffe, and Cinna went to one of the unsafe German kingdoms for a mission, and while they were spending the night at an inn, three drunk guys snuck in (to kidnap Larima, of course); however, the catch is that Taffe was in the bath. That didn't stop her from kicking the guys' butts, wearing nothing but her panties and boots.
    • To top it off, she didn't tie her boots, and one of them accidentally slipped off, breaking a window - which distracted the last guy long enough for Cinna to take him down.
  • A small moment, nonetheless important, for Daryl - she managed to get Taffe, who normally is quite distant and cold, to open up to Daryl about her problems with her sister.
  • Larima gets to show off her non-combative skills in chapter 47; first, she saved Muneca from the perverted stalker, then she convinced Muneca to accept a hug, then encouraged Muneca to return Cinna's bracelet (which she does), got Pavel to agree to leave Taffe alone, AND then she got the stalker to agree to leave the platoon alone.
  • Cinna spotted the pirate ship in the pitch-black night (there was no moon), and the pirate ship wasn't lit. Excellent set of eyes on that girl...
  • During their The Way of Fate card game with Breanne, the girls finally beat her dragon by using a four-player combo card. The resulting pages are pretty awesome (and after two chapters of watching the girls getting trounced by Breanne, is very satisfying).
    • The clincher, however, is that the actual victory belongs to the Healer Daryl; she clubbed Breanne over her head with her first aid kit.
  • The whole of chapter 50 is one for Queen Belinda. Just look at the cover alone.
    • To expand on this: Spain hosted a ball as a part of a peace-treaty-signing ceremony with Portugal, and during this ball, Queen Belinda nearly single-handedly foiled a coup to overthrow her (Nozomi and her stooges helped out a little), saved the Portuguese king's life, and jailed one of the most powerful opposing lords (after actually talking him out of assassinating her)... all while playing the chessboard of politics. Truly, she's demonstrated herself to be a master at the game.
    • Oh, and for giggles, she helped to sow even more discord between the Eastern and Western branches of Pacificators. Just because she could.
    • Really, the newspaper describes it the best: Riot at Peace Treaty Convergence: Wussy Portuguese King Saved by the Badass Spanish Queen!, complete with an awesome cover photo. (Spoilers warning.)
  • Tibelda Grunewald immediately saw through Enrique's disguise. Clever girl.